3 Ways to Encourage Recycling at Work

Great image for depicting and promoting recycling in the office. See portfolio for computer and bin close-up.

Even an office that primarily works on digital projects still produces a fair amount of waste. And more of that waste can be recycled than you might think! When everyone is doing their part, it becomes that much easier to lessen your company’s impact on the environment. While you may benefit from using an ecocenter to help your employees recycle, getting the desired results will still require some extra work on your part. Here’s how you can encourage recycling in the office.

1.     Share Information

Many individuals are reluctant to start recycling because they are uncertain of what can or can’t be recycled. Unsurprisingly, teaching others about what materials in the office are recyclable will go a long way in getting everyone involved.

Within an office environment, the most common items that can be recycled include paper products, cardboard boxes, printer cartridges, and even old electronic components, such as batteries, fluorescent tubes, or computers. Bottles and cans may also be recycled.

2.     Make it Convenient

The next barrier against recycling is convenience. Many office workers simply won’t be that motivated to take their waste to the recycling bin if they have a small trash can right by their desk. To alleviate this problem, remove individual trash cans and place recycling bins at convenient locations throughout the office.

Make sure that these bins are clearly marked and reflect the type of waste most commonly produced in your office. Multi-matter bins are a great solution that helps employees put recyclable items in the right spot, all in one convenient location. Keep a normal trash can in this area as well for disposal of non-recyclable materials.

3.     Provide Extra Motivation

Your employees will become more motivated to recycle if you make it a team effort. Whether you choose to implement a new recycling policy that limits how much waste your company produces or you put some of the cost savings that come from recycling toward an office party, such external factors can make a big difference. While it may take time to get everyone on board with the new approach, consistent emphasis from management will lead to the desired results.

As you take these steps to encourage recycling in the workplace, you’ll find it much easier to get everyone to participate in your program. Better still, by obtaining records of how much you recycled, you may even be able to qualify for environmental certifications. Help the environment and help your office, and everyone will come out a winner!

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