4 Amenities You Should Consider for a High-Value Rental Property


If you’re a landlord, you know just how much work this so-called passive income stream can entail. There are numerous things you must do each day in addition to finding the right tenants. However, if you own a rental property which you hope to be higher-end and therefore net higher rents, you will want to have the best amenities put in place first. Doing so can assist you in attracting the right individual to occupy your space and reduce the odds of property lingering unoccupied for very long. Here are some things you can do to improve the peace of mind of any tenant you secure.

Choosing a reputable security system

One thing you will want to have on the high-value property you have for rent is a security system. This can help protect your rental home and may provide your tenant with fewer things to worry about each day, particularly those with expensive tastes who are more likely to be targeted for break-ins.

One of the best-known companies is ADT, which is known for the quality of the service you will receive through licensed local installers. Some of the benefits of relying on this type of system are listed below:

1.  Alerting proper officials – If a person is breaking in your home, this will notify the police to come out to your property.

2.  Surveillance cameras – One of the ways to keep the closest eye on this property is by relying on cameras to do so.

Have a garage

The cost of owning a car these days can quickly add up fast. USA Today states the average price of a new car is $33,560. Additionally, it’s necessary to have the proper amount of insurance on any vehicle to keep it protected while on the road. Yet for those seeking high-value rental property, they’ll want more protection for their vehicle.

Your tenant is sure to appreciate having access to a garage because this is the most effective method for protecting a car from the weather elements. It’s also the ideal way to avoid having a car vandalized or stolen at any time. Not to mention, property with garage parking can be rented out at a higher price than a property without.

Cleaning services

If you want to entice others into renting your property, it’s a good idea to provide cleaning services to help you do so. This will be one less thing your tenant has to worry about doing and is a nice amenity to offer.

In fact, if you have several places for rent it’s a good idea to talk to a cleaning company about potential discounts you may be eligible for receiving. Keep in mind these costs may be eligible to use as a tax deduction but be sure to speak to your accountant about this.

Extra storage space

Adding an outside building or securing more storage space is always a great idea. This is one thing that may help you attract the most people that could be interested in your property. This may be a job you can do yourself or hire a small contractor in your area to get it done with ease.

One thing that many landlords neglect to do is think about all the items a tenant may have that needs to be stored. Being able to offer this additional amenity to any person is certain to put you higher on the list of rentals to be considered.

You can work to alleviate a great deal of your stress as a landlord by offering more amenities to people that may be interested in your property. This is practically expected of some places that may be costlier than others to rent. Taking time to invest in your property today can be the key to securing the tenants you need most to help you make the rental money tomorrow.

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