5 Exterior Enhancements to Lower Your Utility Bill

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Most people know that there are specific things you can do inside of your home that help lower your utility bill. Beyond the interior of your space, you can also focus some energy on your home’s exterior in order to cash in on even more energy savings. Here are some easy outdoor projects that you can consider for your home to help permanently lower the cost of your utilities.

1. Plant Trees and Shrubs

Whether it’s summer or winter, having a shady canopy of trees surrounding your home can help shield it from Mother Nature’s extreme temperatures. During the summer, the extra shade can help your air conditioner work a little less to cool off your home. In the winter months, your home can generate a bit more heat with the extra insulation of trees or shrubs around the perimeter of your home. This translates to lower heating or air conditioning bills.

2. Use Reflective Coating on Your Roof

Another great tip to help you save more money on energy bills involves your roof. Making your roof a little cooler with a special reflective paint can help your home heat up a little less during the summertime. This is a popular trend in roof replacement Rockville residents are using to beat the summer heat. Sunlight is reflected away from the top of your home instead of absorbed, which eliminates additional heat sources during those sweltering summer months. This makes you less likely to turn up the air conditioner and more likely to save money.

3. Use CFLs or Solar Lights Outside

Your home can get even more energy efficient if you take a little bit of time to replace the type of lights you use outside. Make sure you only use solar lights, which are powered during the day by the sun’s rays, or energy savers, compact fluorescent light bulbs. Not only do CFL lights last longer, but they use much less energy than the traditional incandescent light bulbs of the past.

4. Install a New Air Conditioner in a Shady Spot

The next smart thing you can do to help you save more money throughout the year is something that comes up when you get a new air conditioning unit. Once you’ve chosen the right product, work with your contractor to find the perfect spot outside for your new appliance. Experts, like Ray & Son heating & air conditioning, highly recommend that you place your new unit in a shady spot along your property. That way, your air conditioner doesn’t get the additional heat from the sun burning on it.

5. Keep Your HVAC Unit’s Area Clear

The final helpful tip for the most amount of energy and money savings is to take special care to keep the area around your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit clear. No matter what the season is, it’s important to maintain the space around your HVAC. That means no snowy banks or wayward weeds should be surrounding your unit. This can help it perform at its best and avoid extra work or wear and tear due to the elements.

Everyone is always looking for more ways to help save a few dollars on the most expensive recurring bills. If you’re looking for smart methods to cut energy costs, follow these tips. You could start saving more and using less, so your home runs more efficiently, inside and out.

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