5 Window Treatments That Will Lower Your Energy Bills

Finding ways to lower your energy bills is more than just switching light bulbs and buying energy efficient appliances. The window treatments that you choose for your home can make a huge difference. Here are some window treatments that can lower both your heating and cooling bills.


Drapes are always a great way to lower energy costs and keep your home a more comfortable temperature. Purchasing the right ones will keep the heat out during the summer and the cold out during the winter. You will want to use different drapes during the summer and wintertime. For the summer, find light colored drapes with a plastic coating. This will reflect the sun as much as possible. During the wintertime, you want to soak up the sun’s heat. You can do this with darker colored drapes and heavy fabrics. The dark color will absorb the sun and the heavy fabric will block the cold air from coming in and the warm air from exiting through the window.


Roof overhangs are another great way to minimize energy loss. The great thing about overhangs is that you can let the sunshine through large windows without worrying about the heat soaking through them. The overhang blocks the direct heat from coming in without blocking the light. The indirect light will shine through your windows, bringing plenty of natural light into your home during the summer. The best part is, you have a place to sit outside as well without having the direct heat on your skin. Click here to browse some great ideas for roof overhangs.

Awnings are another great way to block the heat without blocking the natural sunlight. Roof overhangs aren’t something that you can easily build over every window. If you want to block the heat and roof overhangs aren’t a practical option, awnings are an inexpensive and simple solution. You can purchase an awning to go over every window of your home. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even have them custom made to fit awkwardly shaped windows. Door awnings are also a great thing to invest in. The door awnings keep some of the heat out as you open and close the door throughout the day. If your door has a screen or a large window, it will allow you to let sunlight and fresh air into your home, too.

Of course, blinds are always a great way to keep the heat or the cold out. Standard plastic blinds will block the sun from coming through the window, but it’s probably the most minimal way to do it. Wooden blinds are another option. Wood blinds are thicker and can conserve much more energy than plastic ones. They also last a lot longer, and they can look classy in any home. Whether you have a modern feel or a rustic look, the wooden blinds can blend with your décor and look fabulous.

Pull shades are a wonderful way to conserve energy. The great thing about shades is they are fabric and come in many different designs. You can have them custom made with any design that you want to match the colors and patterns in your home. Shades can be pulled down during the day and easily retracted when you’re ready to let in the light.

Window treatments are a great way to lower your energy bills with style. You can block the heat and the cold with beautiful window treatments. Try some of these options when decorating your home.

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