Allergic to Dust? We Might Have Found the Most Natural Cure

The sneezing, wheezing, coughing, watery eyes have been going on for too long. Your home, which should be your sanctuary, your oasis, seems to be making you suffocate. The worst part is that the “season” for dust never really goes away, meaning that your suffering continues to be everlasting!

Now instead of medicating yourself to the point that you can hardly keep your head up from the drowsiness, let’s get rid of the problem the easy way: duct cleaning.

That’s right- instead of trying to fight your body’s reaction to dust, why not eliminate it (or at least dramatically decrease it)? Ventilation ducts can be compared to the respiratory system of a home, as air circulates within it. However, once dust and dander get stuck in there, it just keeps blowing around, creating serious consequences for your home and your health.

How do you know if your ducts need to be cleaned?

Well, if you find that your rooms quickly get dusty, even after just being cleaned, that’s a pretty good sign.  Your home could also be suffering from excessive moisture levels, frost on the inside of your windows, or strange and persistent smells. When you see mould or mildew, your first thought might be to get a dehumidifier but sometimes all you really need is a good duct cleaning!

You yourself could find that you are more fatigued and dizzy than usual and have irritated eyes, nose, and throat. While you might think those persistent headaches are a result of low pressure, it actually could be the dust in your home affecting your body. Your home is literally circulating air which is full of toxins, dust, tiny particles, and worse. When your body inhales it, it starts to clog our “vents” as well, meaning that you affect the efficiency of your lungs and therefore the rest of your body.

When you know that you recently had a lot of debris or dust produced in the home due to a move, renovation, or other similar events, there’s a good chance that a lot of that is hiding in your ventilation system and is constantly being blown around. Pet hair is another irritant that can clog vents or irritate your respiratory system and having pets around should signal more frequent duct cleaning.

How do they do it?

Ventilation duct cleaning services send out technicians armed with a wind tunnel blower which ultimately pushes out all the dirt outside. Think of it like a pressure washer but with pressurized air instead of water. This wind tunnel blower has the power to clear clogged vents and ducts, clearing out potentially flammable dust and debris, also increasing the energy efficiency of your home. It’s literally a detox of your home, getting all the bad stuff out so that air can circulate well and not be pushing around any dirt.

Other natural ways of dealing with your dust allergies are cleaning your furniture from dust, dirt, and animal hair, and thoroughly cleaning any carpets or rugs you may have. Dust likes to gather in areas like this, even with day to day cleaning. A deep clean of these, and any other large fabric pieces like curtains, can increase your comfort without you having to take any extra medications or keep dapping at your eyes with those tissues.

Take advantage of a duct cleaning service in Montreal and let your home be home-like again, a place where you can relax and feel like yourself. If your office building is bothering you, inquire with facilities management about replacing some vent filters or getting a duct cleaning for them as well to alleviate workers’ allergy symptoms.


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