Best Home Warranty Companies To Work With


There are different risks that we need to counter and one such risk is related to home. We ensure our home risk but that is for certain situations only like any natural disaster. Thus it gets important to buy a home warranty in order to protect the things that any insurance companies won’t cover in case of any natural disaster as well. This post explains more about home warranty and top home warranty companies.

You may have heard about the warranty that basically covers only one product but a home warranty is different as it covers every product that is present in your home. The coverage in a home warranty will depend on the type of plan that you choose, quite similar to how you choose insurance plans for yourself. This post explains more about different home warranty companies and the plans that they have to offer.

Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home warranty is the best home warranty company right now with top reviews from everyone. The company provides customer care services throughout the year without any delays. Once you put in any request, the technician will be at your doorstep within two days only. The coverage plans from Choice Home Warranty are for every appliance that was working when the warranty first started. it has a Total Plan for $450 a year which covers almost all the electronic items and door opener. A basic plan for $378 a year covers coverage for Washer, dryer, AC, and refrigerator. Additional items can be added at additional cost.

American Home Shield

Another home warranty company is the American Home Shield that has attained some top accolades over the last few years. The company has its doors open for its customers every minute as customers can directly request for any repair work from their website only. American Home Shield has different plans on offer according to the need of the customer. They have System Plan, Appliances plan, Combo Plan, and a custom plan that is made according to the need of the customer. Apart from this, any other additional warranty for pool or spa can also be done at an additional price.

Total Protect

Total Protect also gives out home warranty to its customers 365 days a year through its toll-free number. You can also file any claim from the website of the company in order to avoid any hassles. Total Protect has three basic affordable plans for its customers that include System plan, Appliances plan, and Combo Plan. The pricing structure depends on the plan that has been selected by the customer.

Complete Protection

Complete Protection is available in nine states providing state of the art services to the customers. Being on a slightly expensive side, Complete Protection prefers to provide quality over quantity. The company has five plans from which people can choose that includes full house plus plan, full house plan, basic built-in plan, kitchen plan, and heating/cooling plan. Complete Protection also gives you the option of getting your own service staff for repair work, something that other companies are not offering.


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