Checking for Issues with Your Irrigation System


Do you use Leesburg irrigation Systems or any other type of irrigation system on your farm? Perhaps you are forced to use these because there is simply not enough natural rain to allow the crops to grow at the rate that you want. If your system is acting up and causing problems, it can put you in quite a difficult position. You need to know how to find the issues and fix them as quickly as possible, or the crops could die. If you do not act soon enough and you lose the crops, you may not be able to make enough money selling them at the end of the year. Thankfully, there are some quick things that you can look for that could solve all of your problems. 

1. Leaks.
One thing that could be going wrong is that there may be a leak in the line. This could just come from old age if the lines are wearing out, or it could be from some accident that happened, such as a collision with a farm vehicle. Even a minor collision could damage the line enough to cause a leak. This then keeps water from getting to the end of the line and potentially floods one part of your field so that nothing can grow. It could also cause you to spend far more on water because of the sheer amount that you end up using.

2. Loose connections. 
If there do not appear to be any leaks, you may want to look for loose connections. These can have the exact same impact as a leak, but they are far more easily fixed. Rather than having to replace part of the line or having to patch it up, you just have to tighten the connection again and it should be as good as new.

3. Blockages in the lines.
If water is never getting to one part of the irrigation system and so your crops are dying in that area, it could very well be that there is a blockage at some point in the line. This could be almost anything, like dirt that got into the tubes or other debris that was gathered right at the source. You need to find the last section that was getting water before the sections that are not, and then you can easily tell where the blockage is and you can clear it.


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