Creating the Best Layout for Your Offices

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When you’re rethinking your office design, you need to carefully plan how the office is laid out. A good design can help your company be more productive by making your employees feel more comfortable. Here are some of the things you need to consider for the layout when having your offices refurbished.

Separate Offices or Open Plan?

For decades, many office designers have assumed that having separate offices was better for employees because it afforded them privacy and their own workspaces. While older buildings had interior walls that define office space, companies in more modern buildings used closed cubicles to create offices. However, being separated from colleagues in offices doesn’t always guarantee that more work will get done.

More companies are using open floor plans within their offices because it helps their employees get more work done and be more creative. It is easier to interact with colleagues, which can lead to spontaneous collaborations on projects, and less experienced employees have more opportunities to get help when working alongside experienced colleagues. Open plans still allow employees to have their own workspaces, but they can see and talk with other team members too.

Employee Comfort

By making your employees feel more comfortable in their work environment, they will feel more relaxed about being in the office and get more work done. Everything from the office flow to the ambient temperature can help create a positive work environment. When designing your workspace during your office refurbishment in London, try to add more natural light to the offices to increase productivity.

If possible, place workspaces by windows to maximise the use of natural light in your offices. If your space doesn’t have many windows, then mimic natural light by using full-spectrum bulbs in desk lamps or overhead lights. Along with increasing productivity, natural light can help improve employee wellness by lowering their stress levels and helping them sleep better at night.

The temperature in your offices can also have an impact on employee comfort and their productivity. Research has shown that productivity goes down when the temperature reaches 25 degrees Celsius, because it is just too warm. It was found that employees are at their best when the temperature in the office hovers around 21 – 22 degrees Celsius.

Reduce Clutter

If you decide that an open plan will work best for your company, then you need to make an effort to keep clutter to a minimum. Provide cabinets instead of open shelves, and make it a policy to keep personal items to a minimum on walls or on desks. This will reduce surface dust that can trigger allergies, and create a more relaxing atmosphere, because clutter can cause stress for some people.

By carefully planning the office layout, you can help create an environment that fosters creativity and cooperation and that helps boost morale. This will result in better productivity, less absenteeism and less stress in the workplace. A good office layout is cost effective for your company as well.

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