DIY Painting Tips That Homeowners Should Know


Painting jobs are often tackled by homeowners as DIY projects. There are various things that should be done in order to make all projects a success but according to the professional painters at, we see most homeowners making mistakes and ending up with paint jobs that are far from perfect. Because of this, here are some pretty simple tips you want to be aware of right now.

Equipment And Prep Work

It is really important that you prepare wall surface before you put on paint. You want to scrape off all the residue, fill holes, cracks and dents and sand the entire area until you have a surface that is even and smooth. In order to prevent ending up with paint on your floors or the common spattering, use canvas drop cloths and not plastics. Make sure you will fold drop cloths around wall corners and doorways.

Priming will always be needed when you paint over new drywall, dark-colored paint or paneling. Priming is generally a really good idea because of the fact that it will prevent the appearance of bleeding stains and paint adhesion is automatically improved. After priming it is easy to add just one paint job coat and you will have the result you are looking for. Try to tint primer one hue closer to paint color in order to get a really good result. The best coverage and the best adhesion normally appear when dedicated primer is used as opposed to the combination primer-paint product.

Starting The DIY Painting Job

You want to use painter’s tape and remove the wall plates around areas you are not going to paint. This does include the light switches and the electrical outlets. Do not use small paintbrushes to cut edges around the corners and the doorframes. The edge pad is a tool that would be a lot better in these cases. Always fill your paint bucket halfway. Grids should be hanged on bucket rims. Paint roller sleeve should be dipped in buckets until reaching paint. All the excess has to be removed. You can do this by rolling against grids.

After you see that the area you painted is dry, do not go over it again! This is a bad idea as it would lead to the appearance of streaks or marks. Brush or roll the excess paint before you complete the job. It is a good idea to store in a refrigerated environment. Paint grids can be put back inside paint buckets but you want to be sure that you put your lid back on so that air will not enter. That would affect the paint.

Remember that painting your home is not as easy as you may think at first glance. You will want to be sure that you do it properly. If you have no idea how to paint the home properly, simply call a professional. Their services are guaranteed to offer the desired results and it is not at all difficult to find someone with a high experience.

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