Great Ideas to Beautify Your Window


There is no such thing as the best window treatment. It is all down to your personal preferences, overall décor, and budget. Here are some things to think about, however.

Light Curtains

Some of the most common window treatment NYC options is the curtain. You have a room where you need a lot of light, then this is a great option, particularly if you choose a light fabric. Net, polyester, linen, and cotton are the bets materials. They allow light to shine through them, but still give you a great deal of privacy as well. Plus, they can really add a special soft touch to your overall décor, adding some brightness.

Blinds and Shades

You can also choose blinds and shades, which come in lots of different styles and colors. The most popular are rolling, horizontal, and vertical. Contemporary and affordable blinds are made in PVC. They are super versatile, as they can be designed in any way you want. If you want a natural look, bringing a bit of the outside in, then you could opt for wood, although you can’t use these in kitchens or bathrooms because of the moisture. You can also choose blackout blinds for your bedroom, or aluminum blinds for offices. The choices are endless!


If you are into a sumptuous, traditional style, then you could opt for curtains with really heavy fabrics, in dark colors. This will immediately create a somewhat regal look to your room. You can add some shutters, which gives an even more traditional feel to it. You will feel as if you live in an old country home. If you want to add a modern touch to this traditional, country feel, you could opt to put the shutters on the inside of your room, instead of outside. Or, if you what you are looking for is a Gone with the Wind feeling, then the shutters should be outside, but you should add awnings to your window.

There is no right or wrong answer in terms of which window treatment you should use. In fact, you will probably use different treatments throughout your home. In fact, you may even have different window treatments within one room. It is all up to you and your own personal style.

Do remember, by the way, that you can also consider window treatments for your window’s outside. We’ve already mentioned plantation shutters, of course, but you can also create beautiful window boxes. You can also use old wooden blinds and put them up on you outside wall, creating a type of trellis. Do make sure the blinds are old ones, however, or you will be wasting quite a bit of money.

There are lots of amazing ideas out there to help you create the home of your dreams, inside and out, using window treatments. Spend some time looking at these ideas, getting some inspiration for your own dream home. Since window treatments are also very affordable, you would be surprised at how much you can achieve.

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