How Does a Roof Replacement Work


In order to maintain your home, you will at some point have to replace your roof with a roofer Friendswood expert. You can only repair something so much and so often, however, before you need to phone out a Chicago roofing company and completely replace it. So once that happens, what can you expect?

Getting a Roof Replacement Right

  1. Get estimates and quotes from a few different professionals with good reputations and the proper insurances and licenses. Choose the quote that gives the best value for money, not the cheapest.
  2. Understand that prices will vary depending on the slop of your roof, where you are based, and what materials you want on your roof. Access to the roof will also influence the price.
  3. Remember that your geographical location will also determine how often your roof needs repairing, maintaining, and replacing. If you live somewhere with frequent storms, it will need fixing more often.
  4. What type of roof do you need? Most people opt for asphalt shingles, which are usually the most affordable. But you could also choose wood shakes, copper, aluminum, slate, or green roofs. Each come with different price tags and with different pros and cons, so you do need to look into this.

Unfortunately, a quote you receive will only be an estimate. You need to be prepared to receive a final bill that is substantially higher once the work is completed. This is because the roofers won’t be able to see what is going on underneath the existing shingles or tiles. If significant damage is found, that will have to be replaced and that can cost quite a lot of money.

How to Pick the Company

While it may be tempting to decide which company to work with based on their estimates alone, this is not a good idea. You need to pick the most trustworthy and best company out there. Look into their portfolio of work, and make sure you get quite a few independent references. Yes, companies with an excellent reputation will cost more, but their work will also be better and last longer. This means that, in the long run, they will actually cost less. Check your estimates as well, and make sure all the important costs are included on this. Material and labor has to be included, but also insurance and warranties.

Once you have decided which roofing company you want to work with, make sure you know what they need you to do before they come out. They may, for instance, need you to clear some space in your attic, or even to clean up some of your shingles beforehand, although this is very rare. They will also need to have access to your roof, and will probably need some sort of parking facility in your street. Those are all little details that you have to get right.

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