How the look of your properties can help you make money as a landlord


When you’re a rental landlord, making the properties that you are trying to rent look appealing to would-be tenants can make all the difference.

If it looks nice, and like it has been kitted out with your clients in mind, then this could help them to decide that they want to live there rather than looking elsewhere. It doesn’t need to be an expensive and could help you to increase your turnover of tenants. If you’re unsure of what would be best, then why not take advice from companies who provide furniture and interiors to landlords.

In the mean time, here are some decorating tips for landlords.

Add a little colour

Adding a little bit of colour to your walls can have an impact. Before you decide to take out the roller have a think about your target market and what they might expect or be happier with. For example, students might not be bothered by white or magnolia so that they can put things on the walls and customise the space. However, families might prefer a different colour so that it will not show any hand prints or other marks as easily.

Make the most of the kitchen

When viewing a house, each person who comes to view it will have their own list of expectations that they will be looking out for. If you are going to be letting to families they may be looking for something with a large and clean looking kitchen area as they may want that to be the heart of the home where they all gather together.  Adding an up-to-date kitchen can help to increase the value of the property should you want to sell it over the next few years.

Reduce the rent and let the tenants take charge

Rather than doing, and paying for the work yourself, there is also the option to reduce the rent and allow the tenants to decorate the home how they like. While this lowers the money that you make from rent, it reduces the cost of materials and labourers which could save you more money in the long run and mean that you do not have to keep the property empty for a few weeks while work is carried out in between people moving out and people moving in.

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