How to Design a French House: A Guide for Homeowners


With its natural-looking décor, casual sophistication, elegant style, and splashes of colors, French country design are widely known worldwide. Achieving a French home style is simple. It doesn’t have to be costly and demanding. To come up with a delightful space, all you need is a little of creativity.

Learn how to transform your home to an elegant and eye-catching abode with essential elements of French decors.

  1. Color

One of the vital features of French decorations is the color. It’s advisable to opt for medium to low concentration colors. Commonly, light and soft shades are preferred. You can choose from warm pink, cream, white, light blue, soft yellow or medium grey. The lighter the color, the better. Meanwhile, choose warm and light tones for your bedroom. This will add a comfortable feel in the room.

  1. Interior Furniture and Decors

Make your interior stunningly beautiful and attractive with French-inspired interior decors. For your kitchen, place antique jars. Open or covered jars will do. Design them with hand-painted labels if possible. Use a round iron patio for the table and a naturally-toned wood set for the chair. Decorate the wall with metal signs, old quaint, or metal plaques.

Create your own French-inspired haven and go find reproduction French provincial furniture and embrace various stylistic elements of French home styles.

  1. Furnishings

Fixtures with simple and elegant lines are preferable. In France, most houses feature painted furniture engraved with antique designs. Thus, if you’re planning to buy fixtures to design your French house, old and distressed stuff will surely fit in. Look for pieces with rusted metal or iron accents combined with a chic style. Take note that French houses aren’t just about wood décor. You can try experimenting with other materials as well.

  1. Fabrics

Do you know the traditional fabric in France? It’s the toile, a popular type of fabric widely used in the country. If you want to replace your curtains with one that is inspired by French design, start looking for this fabric. You may incorporate toile with solids or stripes. In fact, it goes with anything. Hence, you won’t have any problem with matching it with any color or design of the fabric.

  1. Dominating Exterior Style

French house exterior is identified with dominant features including massive hipped roof, multi-paned windows, round entryway, arched doorways and stucco exterior. Generally, houses in France goes with designs that are symmetrical and square.

For your home, you may install window shutters or breaks. Putting some brick or stone in the entryway is also ideal. You may also try placing moss or a mixture of mud on the sideways. Anything that fits in can be used.

Final Thoughts

French style always comes with elegance, simplicity, and uniqueness in terms of home architecture. If you’re craving for serenity and some privacy in your abode, consider these elements to come up with the expected results. Go for vintage woodwork, well-groomed furnishings, and impressive interior.


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