How to Handle and Apply Foam Toppers to Avoid Damage


Memory foam toppers are one of the best ways to get a fantastic night’s sleep, without having to break the bank on a brand-new bed. They soften and cushion, without diminishing support – exactly what bodies need to get their rest. But for many people, toppers are the first major foam purchase they have made, and they may not be aware that there are right and wrong ways to handle them. 

Foam Toppers to Avoid DamageThe first thing to understand is that foam is completely different than a traditional mattress. When used as a sleeping surface, it can be just as durable as conventional structures, but there need to be considerations taken when moving and adjusting it. The biggest step is to make sure your new topper is given enough time to fully expand after packaging. Typically 24 hours is a smart, safe bet.

When it’s time to place your topper on the bed, do not drag or pull it into your bedroom. Roll or loosely fold the foam and carry it, getting help if you need it. You should also never tug on corners or grab fistfuls of the topper when situating it on the bed. Foam can handle balanced pressure exceptionally well, but with the weight of the foam, targeted pressure from fingers can cause the material to rip. Always try to move memory foam toppers as a whole component, instead of adjusting it from corners and edges, and you’ll be able to enjoy years of comfort from your investment.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for mattress toppers, including conventional foam, memory foam, and latex foam.

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