How to Organize Your Garage


Your garage is likely to be one of the messiest parts of your home. However, you could decide to hire steel storage containers, empty the garage of all its contents, and decide to reorganize. All your belongings, whether they are Christmas decorations or gardening tools, can remain in the container and be protected from the elements and vandals. In the meantime, you will have time to reorganize your garage and return it to its intended purpose: a place to park your car!


Now that you’re ready to reorganize your garage, you’ll have to think about shelving, Since your garage is likely to be a dusty place, with lots of debris in the atmosphere, you should get shelves with ventilation. As an added benefit, this also means it is easier to find something high up. Do also install some hooks, which you can use for hardware like paintbrushes and gardening tools.

Storage Containers

While all the junk from your garage is inside a steel storage container, you may come to realize just how beneficial that type of storage actually is. While you may not have the space to put the entire container in your garage (what would be the point?), you can get other storage containers for your garage. Some tips:

  • Choose clear bins so you can see what’s in them, and label them as well.
  • Put seasonal things high up, you only need them once a year after all.

Plus, since you have used ventilated shelves, you can see what’s inside your boxes by looking underneath them.

Organizing the Clutter

While you were moving everything inside your garage into the container, you should have already gotten rid of some of the things that you really don’t need anymore. Now that you have your shelving, hooks, and storage bins ready, you need to do it again. Some excellent organization tools include:

  1. Anything you haven’t used in two years can be gotten rid of. Donate things to charity, sell them in a garage sale (but get rid of anything you don’t sell!), or simply through it away.
  2. Throw out old paint, oil, and other chemicals. But make sure you do this properly. Usually, you will have to take them to the local dump.

Now you have to think about how you will store the things that you are keeping. Have some sort of logical system going and make sure that the things you need the most are within easy reach. Store these at eye level or lower for easy access. Put your seasonal decorations as high as possible. Make sure you have a stepladder, however, for that one time a year that you do actually need them.

Unfortunately, after all of this organizing, you may find that you simply don’t have enough space in your garage. If that happens, you may want to consider extending your rental period on your storage container. They may offer off site storage facilities, where your less used belongings can safely be stored as long as you want.

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