Lake Conroe: All the Best Reasons to Call It Home


Everyone yearns to find a place they can call home. We stop at nothing when we set our eyes and focus on obtaining the best environment for ourselves (and our families).


I recently stumbled upon an area I had never assessed for real estate before and was blown away by what I found. To get to the point, Lake Conroe real estate should be included as part of your dream destinations.


Let’s list off some of the reasons:

It has Real, Natural Beauty – From hiking trails to nature centers, the Lake Conroe area is vast and expansive. The Sam Houston National Forest covers approximately 163,037 acres. The temperature can get a little hot and humid but generally it’s very comfortable throughout the year – perfect if you’re often going out on the trails and exploring nature.

It’s an Angling Paradise – Lake Conroe is a remarkable location for those into angling hobbies. The fish you are most likely to catch are Black Bass but the fun doesn’t stop there. There are dozens of guides and services available for those that really want an amazing experience when they’re out there on the waters. All you need to do is look around the area (or online) and you’ll meet a wealth of angling enthusiasts in the area. The lake spans over 22,000 acres, which gives you more than enough room to go out on the boat and relax while you fish.

It Offers Great Recreation – Despite Conroe being a small town, it comes packed with that small town charm (having just above 60,000 people). There are museums, art exhibits, a growing nightlife, golf, and plenty of family fun in the area. And you can always make the hop over to Houston, which is only about a 40-minute drive.

It’s a Very Safe and Booming Area – Lake Conroe’s demographics and statistics show it’s a generally safe area to live. Actually, almost all types of crime are well below average. On the other end of the spectrum is the commerce. The median income is at a point which has the people living in the area spending a little higher than the national average, which means it’s very enticing for new businesses to get their start in the area (perhaps even yours?).

Its Properties are Spectacular – The lake really brings together a wide mix of real estate in the Conroe area. Near the lake you can find plenty of affordable and luxurious town homes and condos. There are plenty of choices for those wanting a water view or waterfront property. There are also many opportunities to purchase land, houses currently in construction, or lots around the condensed areas. The pricing ranges per place but is very respectable compared to the wild ups and downs seen in other locations.

All in all, Lake Conroe provides you with everything you could want from the great outdoors. You will absolutely love what the parks and lakeside has to offer. The entertainment and culture of the area is vibrant and booming. You’re also just a stone’s throw from a major metropolitan location in Houston.

Consider Lake Conroe on your list of dream destinations. It has everything you’re looking for, and it’ll be a great place to call home.

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