Managing Your Small Business From Home


Your home should be a space of peace and a retreat from your “outside” life: work, school, or just hectic life. But sometimes, your home must take on a different role, especially with the trend of remote work. The home also becomes the office, your headquarters, or your warehouse.

So how to best balance your home and work life?

All it takes is a few changes in your business operations and the structure of your home.

Streamline Your Operations

Working from home is best when you are the only person there. There’s nothing wrong with having employees coming to your home, but it’s easier for your balance if your employees or contractors doesn’t have to come around all the time. Those who use payroll software to manage their business can more easily manage their team, since digital tools are more prevalent in today’s society and work culture. Things like time sheets, expense records and reports can all be accessed there electronically.

Have a Door

When you work from home, you need a physical barrier between your work and your home. Whether it’s a room, your garage, your basement, etc., by shutting the door you can clear your mind and switch gears rather than underperforming in both arenas. It’s also helpful for tax deductions, sometimes a door is the key to being able to deduct part your mortgage or rent at the end of the year.

Find Remote Meeting Spaces

Be on the lookout for appropriate places to host meetings, workshops, staff training, conferences, etc., because we know that these will not be happening in your home. If your business needs these occasionally, the extra expense of having to pay a daily rental fee will still be nothing compared to if you had to pay for a space like that on a daily basis. Places to start searching include coworking spaces, studios, restaurants, hotels, and anything appropriate for your needs.

Have a Plan

While some businesses can continue to be run out of your home, many end up outgrowing it. Have some kind of growth plan that includes moving your operations out of our house and into a space dedicated solely to your business. And while you might want to keep your home office for some after hour dabbling, don’t expect to stay there forever.

Invest in the right tools, build the right mindset and managing your small business from home will be the best decision you ever made.


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