Saving Water With Smart Plumbing Upgrades


Water is essential to life. However, it is also a limited resource. While most of the earth is water, much of that water isn ‘t drinkable. So, each person needs to be doing their part to save water and reduce waste. One way homeowners can help is to make some simple plumbing upgrades that can have a huge impact. With a few changes in your home, you can save gallons of water every single time you turn on the tap.


In general, using a dishwasher will be more efficient than washing by hand simply because it helps reduce water waste. However, your choice in a dishwasher is important. Some are much more efficient and have features that ensure water is not being used needlessly and that the water being used is being used in an effective manner so you don ‘t have to end up rewashing dishes.

Washing Machine

Perhaps one of the biggest water users in a house is the washing machine. Luckily, this is a well-known issue, so there are plenty of efficient washing machines that will cut down on water use and energy use. Newer models can save up to 10 gallons of water per load. This will not only save water but also save you on your water bill. Imagine how those savings will add up in a year ‘s time.

Shower Head

Another huge water waster in the home is the shower. Showers are better than baths in many cases when it comes to water usage, despite the prevailing myth that baths save water. If you use a water saving shower head, though, it can save even more water. Switching to a low-flow shower head won ‘t affect your daily shower but in a year, your household could be saving almost 3,000 gallons of water. Plus, this is a simple upgrade that you can easily do yourself.


There ‘s no getting around using the toilet, unless you are an outhouse fan. However, the toilet uses a lot of water. There are efficient models, called low flow toilets, that can be just as effective while using far less water. Low flow toilets typically use less than two gallons of water whereas an older toilet may use up to six gallons, so there is a huge potential for savings there. You can often talk with a plumbing services company to get an idea of what options are available.


Finally, the faucets in your home can pump out an amazing amount of water when you turn them on. Much of that is simply wasted and flows right down the drain. Water saving faucets can help to reduce waste and increase efficient use of water. There are even aerators that can be used on your current faucets to make them more efficient without even having to do any major upgrades.

Trying to save water is something that everyone can do. Whether you change every single aspect you can or just make a few changes, you are doing your part to help cut water use. This is a good thing because water is a precious resource that shouldn ‘t be wasted.

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