Staging Your Home For a Viewing, A step by step guide


As if setting your home for sale wasn’t a big enough deal, you also need to nail your interior and exterior before anyone comes to view your house

There are two very important points you need to remember when you’re staging your home for a viewing.

  1. People are not buying a house, they’re buying a home
  2. It’s the buyer that’s buying, not yourself

To make sure you nail that first impression, here’s a step by step guide to staging your home for a viewing!


Before we get properly into staging a viewing, you need to declutter the house.


You can easily remove 30% of clutter from each room, making the rooms seem bigger and more appealing.

For most people, there’s a fine line between just enough and too much clutter. Unfortunately, this line can be more of a spectrum. In other words, what I find cluttered – might not be what you think of as cluttered.

When you’re living in your own home on a day to day basis, you’re in charge. On a day to day basis you can keep the exact amount of clutter that you want, but this situation is a bit different.

Because your home needs to appeal to a wider audience, it’s important that it is kept uncluttered. Don’t worry, if people love to live in a cluttered  home – they’ll be able to imagine this themselves – you don’t need to do the work.

If there are things you don’t want to get rid off, but don’t need to sit on the kitchen counter or on the mantelpiece either – throw them in a box and rent a storage unit until the move is done or until you’re ready to bring these gems back into your life.

Because you’re just decluttering for the sake of staging your home, this job is fairly easy. After all, you can whip all your quirky african masks, your lego train set and your oddly matched wall of pop art out once the day is over. If you’re decluttering for a change of lifestyle – then you might want to take a more ruthless approach!

Clean up

Once your home is tidy and neat, you need to give it a proper clean!

Here’s a quick checklist for you to work through:


❏    Vacuum and wipe walls and ceilings

❏    Wash rugs and towels

❏    Spray and clean mirrors and windows

❏    Clean shower/ bathtub

❏    Wash the floor


❏    Vacuum

❏    Dust all surfaced

❏    Open windows to let fresh air in

❏    Wash bed sheets etc

❏    Spray and clean mirrors and windows


❏    Clean the fridge and throw away old food

❏    Degrease cooking appliances

❏    Spray and clean windows and glass surfaces

❏    Wash all surfaces (including cabinet doors!)

❏    Vacuum, and wash floors

Living room/ lounge:

❏    Dust fans, lamps bookcases and shelves

❏    Vacuum floors

❏    Clean sofas and seats

❏    Spray and clean windows

❏    Wipe clean electronics

❏    Clean up the fireplace


When people are looking for a place to call home, they will look in your drawers and in your cupboards! Make sure that no cupboards are filled to the brim, or you are going to have an avalanche catastrophe and a couple of unhappy viewers.


Not everyone will love your home made crochet coasters

As much as you adore your things and what you’ve hung on the walls, the unfortunate truth is that other people might not feel the same way.


Have you ever been in someone’s home and thought ‘Oh, I wouldn’t have that in my home’. Of course you have, we all have! And that’s beautiful, that’s what makes the world so unique! The fact that we all have different tastes and preferences is amazing!

But right here, right now, you need to put those unique tastes and preferences away and you need to make a home that’s simple and widely appealing.

Away with 90% of the odd family photos, cover up the mural of your dead dog and box up your bowling trophies from 2005.

Finish ½ finished projects

½ finished projects. We all have them. You’re almost done, and you decide to just pause for a day. A day becomes two days. Two days become a week. All of a sudden it’s been a year.

Whether it’s a room that’s missing the skirting boards, the wall of the house facing the garden that needs an overhaul, or if you’ve painted the outside of the fence but not the inside. Get your project finished up!

Half finished projects don’t exactly set a great first impression, and potential buyers may draw the conclusion that you have not been taking properly care of the property. With that conclusion, they are also likely to assume that things aren’t in their best condition.

This step is all about making your property appear attractive!

Staging the perfect everyday

Now that everything is spruced up and your house and property are looking in top shape – it’s time to re- clutter. But just a little bit, remember to keep it simple.


It’s time to stage ‘The Perfect Everyday’. Setting the scene to suit the likes of the Joneses.

Think clean and tidy, but lived in.


Here’s a few ideas to staging the perfect everyday

  • Make sure there’s fresh flowers on the table
  • Place the french press on the kitchen counter with a couple of nice cups
  • Leave a nicely covered book on the sofa table
  • Make up the bed with fresh linens then add a mix of throws and display pillows
  • Turn some warm lights on in all rooms.
  • If you’re a avid baker, bake some treats. Not only do people stick around for longer when they eat, it also adds a homey scent to the entire house.
  • Get someone to dog sit for the day.
  • Light some candles but be careful with the scented ones. Not every nose likes a scented candle and we all have different preferences.


So there you have it, a guide to staging your home for a viewing! Good luck!



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