The Greenhouse ‘Effect’: What to look for When You Have One At Home


Modern architecture tend to incorporate nature in its design and functionality. New buildings have built-in gardens on the rooftops and in the interior of the structure. Architecture has taken inspiration to go green and be eco-friendly amidst towering concrete jungles in cities. The same nature-architecture concept has been adapted in the creation of homes with eco-friendly greenhouses!

Modern Greenhouse Designs

A greenshouse is an ideal place to maintain and sustain plants and crops without sacrificing the design of your home.

Greenhouses started in Italian wealthy households. As the study of botany grew many universites started to construct large greenshouses to raise tropical plants. The purpose of a greenhouse is to protect crops from varying seasons and different factors that could affect their growth.

Nowadays, there are commercially available greenhouses ranging in designs at affordable prices.

If you want to buy a greenhouse to complement the design of your house, here are some tips that you need to look for when choosing a readymade greenhouse.

  • Size matters.

You should predetermine the size that you want for your greenhouse. You should decide the length, height, and width ideal to your yard. Greenhouses come is numerous styles and sizes. A large 8 ft. x 12 ft. greenhouse is an ideal size for enjoyable gardening. It has a wide entrance door, a perfect entrance when transferring tools and bulky materials. Its height is also ideal for ventilation and more space. The exteriors are also made from durable materials to withstand extensive wear and tear.

  • Choose quality materials.

You should not only feel comfortable with the size of your greenhouse, you should also choose a greenhouse that has quality materials. Greenhouses are exposed to a lot of heat and varying temperatures. Checlk to make sure the walls of your greenshouse are virtually unbreakable. Thickness of 10 mm (0.4 in) is typically hail resistant. Other greenshouses offer twin-wall polycarbonate panels and are 100% UV protected, are insulated and provide a corrosion resistant structure. Check the details of the greenhouse you consider to make sure it will hold up to the climate in your region of the country.

  • Pick design with functionality.

Your greenhouse should be functional first and if possible match the design of your landscape. Things to consider when looking for functionality are: minimum of two roof vents, automatic vent openers, side windows for better climate control and plant hangers or a kit.

Size, quality materials, and functionality are all key factors when looking at buying a greehsouse for your home.


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