The Top Aspects You Should Consider when Choosing a Plumber


It’s an issue that we don’t often think about – in fact, when it comes to the plumbing of our home or office, we usually only appreciate its importance when things go wrong and we realise how annoying it can be when things weren’t done correctly, or an emergency has occurred. The plumbing is important, and having your plumbing fixed in a professional way is crucial.

When you’re looking for a plumber, you’re looking for a professional who can work swiftly and correctly and charges reasonable rates. But how do you know your plumber is the right person for the job? Here are the top aspects you should remember when choosing a plumber.


What kind of accreditations or certifications does your plumber have? The accreditations and certifications don’t just tell you about the training or professional standard your plumber can and should adhere to, they also tell you what kind of work they are qualified for, and that they can carry out the work in a safe manner.


If your plumber is registered (and equally important, if you can easily find out if your plumber is registered), then you can be sure the work is going to be of much higher quality than the person your neighbour’s friend’s brother recommends.


A plumber who takes his work seriously will be a legitimate tradesperson, and will have insurance (this is usually up to a certain amount, for example £5,000,000). This means that if something goes wrong on the job – a serious accident or unforeseen damage – you are sure there is insurance to cover it.

Reputation and reviews

Word of mouth is always important, and the online versions of this are the reviews and customer testimonials you can find. Are they overwhelmingly negative, overwhelmingly positive, or somewhere in between? And what kind of work has been done to deserve such comments?

Promises and transparency

There are certain promises that can be made, and others which can’t. Plumbers who make promises that seem too good to be true should be treated skeptically, whilst plumbers who can explain exactly what needs to be done, explain how it should be done, and what the difficulties might be – plumbers who are transparent – should be given the benefit of doubt.

The working hours of the plumbers can also tell you a lot about how serious they take their job and how they view their professional obligations. When you call someone with an emergency, their response time can make a big difference. Bad situations can become worse very quickly (water damage or stress due to heating appliances, for example), if the response time is too long. Find a good plumber now (simply typing ‘find a plumber near me’ in an internet search engine usually gets good results); make sure you know whom to call when it counts.


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