The Top Bathroom Lighting Tips and Ideas You should Know


There’s no denying the fact that proper lighting is important in every room in the home – but this is even truer for the bathroom. Your bathroom’s lighting can make or break the room’s impact as well as its functionality; you don’t want to be shaving or applying your makeup in shadow, and you certainly don’t want to be exposed to too much glaring white light when you’re trying to relax in the bath. The lighting in your bathroom, just as Goldilocks says, should be ‘just right.’ So how do you make sure your bathroom’s lighting is well-balanced, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing all at the same time? Here are some top bathroom lighting tips and ideas you can make use of.

Don’t forget the natural

Whilst the experts know the importance of the right artificial lighting for your bathroom, they also agree that natural light is of equal – if not greater – importance. So take advantage of natural light whenever you can. If your bathroom has a large window, make sure its treatments are in such a way that natural light can come pouring in. If you have a new home or are renovating your bathroom, place your bathroom in the northern side – the light from the north is more diffused and less glaring, creating a soft, warm glow.

Be aware of proper placement

If you are thinking of a warm, cosy, and inviting bathroom, you are on the right track. This means you are seeing your bathroom as a haven of relaxation. But you shouldn’t forget that your bathroom is a practical room as well; it’s the place, after all, where you shave, style your hair, apply makeup, and so on. So you do need that overhead light. But you can augment the overhead lighting in your bathroom with some subtle lighting, such as wall sconces, recessed lights, and bathroom spotlights. For the best effect, place sconces on each side of your bathroom mirror so your face is attractively illuminated. Avoid placing lights on the wall opposite your mirror, as this might create shadows on the face.

Use the right lights

Fluorescent light bulbs may have been the ‘in’ thing 50 years ago, but they are no longer in vogue today. What’s more, they’re energy-inefficient as well. You would want to choose the right lights for your bathroom, and this means LED lights. LED lighting is more energy-efficient, lasts longer, and is more flexible. One additional tip: when choosing LED lights, choose a dimming feature if you can, especially for overheads.  With a dimming feature, you can effectively set the mood and functionality of your bathroom and adapt it to your particular task, whether you are having a relaxing soak or getting ready for a day at work.



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