Tips for Ditching Your Apartment to Live in a Boat


There are a lot of benefits for living on a houseboat, such as not worrying about mowing the lawn or being able to move your home whenever you like. If this idea interests you, you might want to know how to move into a houseboat. Here are some tips from The Foam Factory for ditching your apartment and living in a boat.

Try to downsize as much as possible, you won’t need much of the extra furniture, paintings, or knickknacks that you have in your apartment. You will probably want to consider getting rid of your old mattress and choosing a mattress replacement. This may seem like a time consuming process, but with stores that are geared to houseboats, it is easy and worth it.

Find a retailer that knows about boat mattress replacement. Chances are that retailer can help you with outfitting your entire boat. You might decide that it is easier to simply start from scratch with furniture and decorations. Choosing a boat over an apartment is a good opportunity to reinvent yourself.

Keep in mind, when you are choosing your new furnishings and mattress, the new environment that you will be living in. When it comes to a mattress, you might want to consider dryfast foam. Living in a boat, you are often faced with the possibility of a sudden leak or a spill. To save money, it is a good idea to choose water-proof or water-resistant furnishings for your new home.

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