Verner Panton – the visionary designer


A bit of history
Verner Panton is one of Denmark’s greatest architects. His background within product design began in early 1950’s where his interest in art was a trigger point for his career. He has been working with world famous architects and art designers such as Arne Jacobsen and in collaboration they created “the ant chair”.

Verner Panton’s most famous works are (to name a few) the “Tivoli chair”, the “the Verner Panton chair”, the “Verner Panton lamp”.

Verner Panton enjoyed the experiment of using plastic and other similar new form of fabrics. Therefore, it could easily be stated that the design of Verner Panton is unique and carefully created.

Verner Panton is the designer behind the famous lamp art, the VP Globe as well as the Verner Panton lamp and the Panthella. His design is timeless and can therefore be used in every type of home.

Verner Panton is a big part of the history of Danish design. He was a master within colour and shapes. Almost every piece designed by Verner Panton was made out of bendable plastic in bright colours, as this innovative designer had a whole other vision compared to most architects and designers of that period of time.

Generation after generation has been inspired by the work of
Verner Panton. He was a visionary designer that is still a fascination to many people with a passion and interest for design. The design of Verner Panton is unique and special, which means that once you have discovered the work of Verner Panton– you are most likely to be truly inspired.

Due to the fact that the work by Verner Panton is designed with such care, the price paid for this unique work is a good investment. The Verner Panton design is also so timeless that it will continue to bring a great twist into any environment.

Throughout the years, the interest of the work by Verner Panton has increasingly risen and his work’s popularity is still at its peak. Independent of where you want to place your design by Verner Panton, its guaranteed that it will bright up the room and put a funky and unique twist to it.

You can find your Verner Panton design at, with a great variety of designs from this great Danish designer.

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