Why You Should Create a Dream Board


If you haven’t heard of one before, a dream board is a motivational tool which you can create that will keep you focussed on your goals and inspire you to reach for your dreams. The basis of a dream board is that you put pictures, photographs, motivational words and ideas on to a notice board and then place it indoor office or your bedroom to serve as a constant reminder as to what you are striving for.

Inspiration comes in many forms fro different people, some will sit online reading Grand Homes reviews to see how the other half live, others will seek out negative opinions so that they can prove people wrong and others will look for plaudits to keep them going. All of these things can be incorporated into your dream board and if you haven’t already got one, here is why you should get started.

Constant Reminder

Once you have finished your dream board it will be important that you put it in a prominent place that you can see every single day. The location is up to you, you could put it in the bathroom or the bedroom, the kitchen or the living room, whichever place will give you the chance to see it every single day. The constant reminder of the dream board is the only way in which you can reinforce your dreams and never forget why you are striving.

Opportunity to Pause

The creation of the dream board itself gives you a great opportunity to pause for a moment and consider what you really want out of life. If someone put you on the spot then you might say something like a fancy car, a huge family or a full bank account. After sitting down and thinking about what you really want, you may find that your dreams are altogether very different.


When work is too much or you are feeling the pressure of your job and feeling like giving up on your dreams, you can take a look at your dream board which will recenter your focus. Simply having dreams in your head is rarely enough to keep you going when things aren’t going to plan so having the visual aid of a dream board can really help you to stay motivated and get focussed.

Making it Public

Having the visuality of a dream board also shows your family and friends exactly what you are trying to achieve which adds pressure to you and your goals. The pressure to show people that you can work hard to achieve your goals should be a driving force behind what you are doing and can really help you to up your levels when striving for success. If you have good family and friends around you then they will also be able to help you remain focussed, if things aren’t going well or you are slacking a little, they should be able to bring you back in line because they will be aware of what you are trying to achieve.

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