Women’s Health “Down There”


While as a society we have become more comfortable speaking about our bodies, there’s still a lot of shyness about women’s health, specifically “down there”. While awareness of breast cancers and self-checks have grown, gynecological health is still a taboo subject that no one really feels comfortable addressing. And that’s a problem.

There are many things that can go wrong with the women’s reproductive system, from cancers, through STI’s, cysts, sores and more. The more aware we are of what the normal state of affairs is, the more likely we will know if something is off.

Here are some reasons for which is might be worth a call to contact a gynecology clinic in Montreal:

Establishing a Status Quo

Getting a pap-smear and a cytology allows for your specialist to know what your baseline is or discover if there is something worth treating right away. Having a regular history will make it easier to flag abnormalities later, and meeting with your doctor often will  grow your comfort level, making you bolder to discuss more sensitive topics like sexual pleasure, etc.

Excision of cysts

Cysts can occur internally or externally in the female reproductive system and can be uncomfortable as they grow, and extremely painful when they rupture. A gynecologist clinic will be able to remove these before they become a greater nuisance. At the same time, your specialist will be able to tell if these cysts should be a cause for greater concern or not.


While your general practitioner may be able to prescribe some simple antibiotics for some sexually transmitted infections, some must be treated by a specialist, like warts. A gynecologist will also be able to advise on further treatment of other STIs and how to prevent them in the future.

HPV Assessment

HPV is a common virus today, but it has serious implications for fertility. Being able to quickly assess HPV and effectively treat it will keep it from spreading to others as well as caring for your own long-term health. Time is of the essence!

Planning Pregnancy

You want to know that everything is in working order before you conceive. And once you are pregnant, many gynecologists are also obstetricians and can follow your pregnancy to birth and beyond. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Women’s health is no mystery or something to feel shameful about. It’s just there, like any other part of our bodies, and should be treated seriously. Otherwise, we continue this strange play of ignorance, when it’s something that needs awareness!



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