Wrought Iron Railings – Some Lovely Ideas for the Distinguished Home


Wrought iron railings are a wonderful addition to both the interior and exterior of a home. Whether it is the staircase leading from your foyer up to your bedrooms, or the outside stairs leading into your home from the porch or front yard, wrought iron additions will bring out the surrounding beauty of your home’s aesthetics in a very stylish way. Although this type of handrail can be a lot more expensive than normal, run of the mill installations, the cost is worth it if you are looking to seriously revamp your home.

What is Wrought Iron?

The usage of wrought iron dates back to Roman times. Its usage in European countries began around the middle ages, one of its most incredible applications being found in London’s Westminster Abbey. It reached its peak in popularity around the 17th century, where the regents William and Mary’s personal tastes lead to a widespread usage of the metal. With the introduction of cheaper metal into the market, wrought iron began seeing a decline in popularity.

This highly durable yet easily welded metal is an iron alloy which possesses a significantly tiny amount of carbon, especially in contrast to cast iron’s carbon content. Preceding modern advances in metallurgy and steelmaking, where steel became the most commonly used metal for production and in homes, wrought iron was the staple in all manner of industries. A wrought metal is one that has been hammered, rolled, or forged to edit its basic properties and forms.

The Value of Wrought Iron Railings

With over a hundred years of development in the field, wrought iron railings have been a classy favourite for homes all across the world. They bring a traditionally European flourish to the stairwells in homes. Other than its aesthetic qualities, wrought iron railings are incredibly durable and strong, and are designed with those who have trouble walking in mind. With the right maintenance and care, they will last in your home for many years to come. The traditional shade for wrought iron railings is black, but can be suitably touched up with a gold or silver hue.

While most standard designs can be simply purchased off the market, there are plenty of customisable options to choose from. There are many companies that excel in the personalized design of wrought iron railings for those that wish to complement their overall their overall theme nicely. You can spend hours going through all of the different intricate and varied designs available today. Remember that wrought iron railings placed outdoors can be susceptible to rust, which can be quite time-consuming to remove depending on the intricacy of the design.

Wrought-iron ladders are also make for excellent fire escapes, and serve as a very practical means of leaving your home in a quick and easy manner in the event of a fire. You can, of course, go for a more beautiful option when purchasing a wrought iron ladder to keep the aesthetic appeals going.


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