Verner Panton – the visionary designer

A bit of history Verner Panton is one of Denmark’s greatest architects. His background within product design began in early 1950’s where his interest in art was a trigger point for his career. He has been working with world famous architects and art designers such as Arne Jacobsen and in collaboration they created “the ant chair”. Verner Panton’s most famous works are (to name a few) the “Tivoli chair”, the “the Verner Panton chair”, the “Verner Panton lamp”. Verner Panton Read more [...]

Managing Your Small Business From Home

Your home should be a space of peace and a retreat from your “outside” life: work, school, or just hectic life. But sometimes, your home must take on a different role, especially with the trend of remote work. The home also becomes the office, your headquarters, or your warehouse. So how to best balance your home and work life? All it takes is a few changes in your business operations and the structure of your home. Streamline Your Operations Working from home is best when you are the Read more [...]

Simple Tools to Keep Around the House

There are times when you need a certain tool handy in your household at a moment’s notice. You don’t want to have to go searching for it in the garage as you will only use it for a mere few seconds. This is why you should designate a certain drawer in your house as the “Go To” drawer for these tools. Listed below are a few ideas for these items to be stored in that magical drawer. Box Cutter How often do you get packages delivered to you weekly? With online shopping becoming much more popular Read more [...]

3 Ways to Encourage Recycling at Work

Even an office that primarily works on digital projects still produces a fair amount of waste. And more of that waste can be recycled than you might think! When everyone is doing their part, it becomes that much easier to lessen your company’s impact on the environment. While you may benefit from using an ecocenter to help your employees recycle, getting the desired results will still require some extra work on your part. Here’s how you can encourage recycling in the office. 1.     Share Read more [...]