4 Key Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Comfortable


Your home is your retreat. You put so much work into turning your living room and bedroom into relaxing spaces. Why not add some personal touches to your bathroom, too? Create a soothing atmosphere that lets you relax in a bath or keep calm while you’re getting ready for work. Discover four key ways to make your bathroom more comfortable. 

Add Heated Floors and Towel Racks


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When you stumble out of bed in the middle of the night to use the powder room, your toes don’t have to endure a cold floor. Add heated flooring to your bathroom. Heating can keep the floor tiles at a comfortable temperature all the time. 

Heated towel racks can keep you more comfortable, too. If you start to shiver when you get out of the bath or your morning shower, you can grab a heated towel to warm up.

Create a Relaxing Bath Experience


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Make sure your bathroom is ready when you want to treat yourself to a hot bath. Create an inviting atmosphere with a bathtub shelf to hold your book and beverage of choice. Include scented candles or a reed diffuser to fill the room with the soothing scent of lavender or vanilla. An inflatable pillow can keep your head and neck comfortable while you stretch out in your bath.

You’ll need plenty of hot water for your bath. If you have to wait for the water to warm up, or you don’t get hot water in your bathroom at all, your water heater may need attention. The problem could be a simple fix such as correcting a leaky pipe or adjusting a setting on an anti-scald device. If your hot water heater is old, you may need to replace it. Call an HVAC professional to find out if you need any repairs. Maintain your HVAC system with regular maintenance so that you always have hot water for your bath.

Choose Soothing Colors

Did you know that the color of the room can affect your mood? Hot pink and aqua are fun bathroom colors. But those shades may not be the direction to go in if you want to create a soothing atmosphere. 

Create a tranquil space with neutral colors such as ivory, soft blue, or moss green. Choose matching colors for your bathroom accents such as rugs, wall hangings, and accessories to keep the overall look uniform and calm.

Use Natural Materials in Your Bathroom

Natural materials can add a sense of calm to your decor. Bring the outdoors inside with fresh flowers, plants, and other greenery. Add stone or wood accents to your floor or wall tiles. Keep plenty of fluffy cotton towels on hand, too. Nothing beats the comfort of a soft towel made of natural fibers when you get out of the shower or bath.

When you personalize your home decor to create a relaxing haven, pay attention to the bathroom. You spend much time in the bathroom; be sure to bring some thought into your decor. Use the ideas above to make your bathroom more comfortable. 

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