4 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen


If you’ve been staring at your kitchen while feeling a mixture of horror and disgust, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. However, even a kitchen that just looks boring or is running out of room could use a retool. You might have already talked yourself out of it if you can’t see any major problems. However, HGTV recommends looking beyond basic reasons for a redesign like worn cabinets or counters. If you still need some convincing, here’s a few good reasons to take the kitchen redesign plunge.

You Need More Space

A lack of adequate space for storage and preparation tasks should encourage you to redo your kitchen. This is an opportunity to redesign to improve traffic flow and update cabinets and pantry areas to expand their available containment room. Moreover, you’ll be able to make it more accessible for disabled family, friends and guests. Improving access to counters, cabinets and appliances will also benefit you as you get older, reducing your chances of hurting yourself from bending, stooping, reaching and falling.

Update to Greener, Safer Appliances

Your remodel gives you a chance to install updated appliances with better safety features and more amenities. For example, a 2012 article in the Vanguard described how your old gas-powered stove could be a health hazard, with threats such as carbon monoxide poisoning, injuries from open flames and inflammation of the lungs from pollutants. A remodel is the perfect chance to upgrade to models that are not only safer but score better in energy efficiency. Look for products that bear the ENERGY STAR label, as they pass strict standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Replace Your Countertops With Sturdier Models

You may have eyed a few cracks in your countertops and then dismissed them, telling yourself that they’re no big deal. The chance to swap them out for newer, stronger updated versions should give you one more excuse for a redesign. Besides choosing countertop décor that matches your desired decorating scheme, you can also install durable materials such as engineered quartz or granite. While soapstone, marble or limestone might be options increasing in popularity, quartz and granite are time-tested favorites that stand up to heat, nicks, scratches, stains and damage from acidic substances.

Your Kitchen Really Is Ugly

There’s no shame in admitting that you hate the way your kitchen looks. In fact, such a truthful admission can be liberating. Whether your pockets are deep or your budget is limited, changing some strategic elements can pave the way for vast improvements in aesthetics, space and accessibility. However, a revamp is the best way to be in control of the outcome. Furthermore, you’ll potentially increase your home’s resale value.

If you’re now convinced that your kitchen needs some serious change, you’re in for a wonderful adventure ahead. You’ll need to make some difficult decisions about layout, storage options, appliances, colors and countertops. For those who are still sitting on the fence, consider taking an honest inventory of your cooking space. You may find more issues you’ve conveniently ignored over the years, and find it’s time to bite the bullet and go for a redesign.

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