A Guide to Handwashing Dishes and What to Do When That Is No Longer an Option


Owning a restaurant is a rewarding experience that entails hard, dedicated work. Businesses that are just starting out are usually able to meet their demand with age-old practices, like washing the dishes by hand. Of course, this task requires an extensive knowledge of cleanliness and the proper manner to execute the task; it requires speed and efficiency as well. What if business is booming, though, and you cannot keep up with the flow of dishes? What if handwashing items proves to be less sanitary? Well, worry about that later, and understand the proper way to hand wash dishes that is also safe for the public, first!

Handwashing Dishes Is Not a Dead Practice: A Step by Step Guide

1. Clean the sink. Clearly washing dishes in a dirty sink is unsanitary, so using hot water and soap to rinse out the designated area is crucial.
2. Plug the drain.
3. Begin filling the sink with hot water. The temperature you would use for a bath is sufficient; hot water kills germs and cuts grease.
4. Pour liquid dish soap into the water. Using a sanitizer tablet is beneficial as well.
5. Place a few items into the water and allow to soak for a few seconds.
6. Begin scrubbing with a clean sponge.
7. Rinse the item with hot water from the faucet.
8. Place in a drain rack.

A general rule of thumb for dishwashing in a public setting is to clean the dishes with the least amount of residue first. This saves water and generates greater efficiency within the business. Of course, once the water becomes tepid and dirty, it is essential that it is drained, the sink is cleaned again, and the process of filling it with hot water and soap is repeated.

Business Is Picking Up: Ditch the Handwashing and Upgrade!

Even the most experienced dishwashers find it difficult to meet the demand found at popular restaurants–especially on weekend nights. As a result, it is important to upgrade to a Commercial Dishwasher. These dishwashers not only hold multiple items, but they produce a temperature that results in sanitation and the complete abolishment of germs. Even mom and pop shops understand that these industrial appliances are a great option for professional settings, so there is no denying the irresistible qualities of these machines.

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