Add A Touch Of Style To Your Holiday Home


What sets magazine-ready holiday homes apart from ordinary ones?

Whether it’s a property you own or rent year-on-year, certain holiday homes hold a special place in the hearts of many South Africans.

A holiday house requires a lot of care and attention before it can become a home. If you are lucky enough to be the proud owner of a holiday home, here is how you can use solid surfacing to transform your holiday property into a beautiful getaway abode.

Be inspired by your surroundings.

Where is your holiday home? If it is in the Drakensburg area, you should consider incorporating textured, rustic cabinets and surfaces. MelaWood Monument Oak, Cadbury Oak and Burgan Mahogany colours are ideal for bedroom cupboards, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and any other areas of a getaway home in the berg.




Alternatively, for a holiday home nearby the seaside, you should consider using lighter-colours, such as MelaWood Lanza Oak, Summer Oak or Enya Walnut, or two toned surfaces and cabinetsto add a contemporary style to your holiday home.




Be creative with colours and textures.

Think outside the box when it comes to your holiday home’s style. This is a space where you have no one to impress but you, your family, and perhaps a few close friends. Mix and match colours, such as MelaWood Candy Red surface finish or mix Iceberg White cabinets with Formica Raven Slate, for a bold, contemporary style.




Enjoy simplicity

Nobody enjoys scrubbing surfaces while they’re on holiday, which is one of the main reasons that solid surfacing is ideal for your holiday home. The nonporous, solid composition makes wiping down spills a breeze.

What will you create?

Visit PG Bison’s website to choose the best style for your holiday home.

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