Buying a house could be cheaper than you think


Living in an apartment offers many advantages. You can leave when your lease is over, you have fewer responsibilities because the owner is the one who has to deal with the different problems have and it’s cheaper. Even if living in an apartment seems pretty perfect, there are some disadvantages. You have less privacy, you rarely have a courtyard, you don’t deal with problems as fast as you would want to and you won’t ever have your money back. The two financial aspects are often decisive in the decision of moving into an apartment or in a house. But even if these aspects seem incompatible, you may find a cheap place you can buy and not rent. Here are two tricks for house shopping.

Look Outside the City

Even if the many advantages of living directly in the city are appealing, living in the suburbs could help you find a great house that fits your budget. You can look in obvious suburbs like Longueil, Laval or Brossard, but Dorval houses for sale can be what you’re looking for. By looking in a less popular suburbia area, you’ll find even cheaper houses than in the obvious ones. Living in the suburbs could be a great option if you have a family because the neighborhoods are quieter, the traffic isn’t as intense and there are more places to play outside. Also, suburbs aren’t far from the city and there are many public transportation available to go there if you don’t have a car or if you don’t want to use it.


When you’re shopping for a new home online, the first thing (and sometimes only thing) you’ll probably consider is the pictures. You’ll check if the house is welcoming, if it looks good, if the decoration is actual, if you like the colors, etc. These are all things you can easily change. You’ll certainly need to repaint and refurnished when you move in, so why are you looking at the decoration? Just look if the space is sufficient and if it is, go and visit. If you have a small renovation budget, the only esthetic things that should matter are the outer appearance of the house, the floors and the kitchen and bathroom cabinet. These are the most expensive renovations you could have to do and even with those, you will find many new creative cheap options on the market to change them. You can also take your time to change everything. Just do one thing at a time according to your budget and at some point, you’ll have your perfect house.


These two options may seem obvious, but some won’t necessarily consider them and prefer moving in a small, good-looking apartment in the city even if it’s not adapted to their needs, desires, and evolving lifestyle. You’ll certainly have to consider those and be ready to make some compromises if you want a house and you have a small budget.

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