Choose the Flooring for Your Home Improvement Project Wisely

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Choosing the materials you use on any construction you do in your house is just as important as knowing the precise measurements and most efficient design. If your next home improvement project involves an update of your floors, then perhaps it’s time to consider whether engineered hardwood flooring such as maple hardwood flooring is the perfect option for your home.

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Many times when we are imagining a home improvement project, we dream big. The great thing about designs that are just in your mind or on paper is they don’t affect your budget yet! But when it comes time to choose the materials to get the project underway, the reality of what you can afford becomes all too clear. 

You may love hardwood floors, and you may have even imagined having the more traditional single plank hardwood all through your home. When your budget requires you to scale back a little, don’t worry. Engineered hardwood flooring gives you the same amazing look at a price your bank account can handle.

Engineered hardwood is created by essentially fusing together several less expensive pieces of wood (like plywood). It is then constructed into a layered, cross-ply method that will offer you a stable floor for any room in the house. This includes some areas where single plank hardwood shouldn’t go, like places that could warp the single plank thanks to high humidity (such as basements and laundry rooms). When you choose engineered flooring, you get all of the stability of single plank hardwood – and all of the beauty, too.

Maple Hardwood Flooring: Functional AND Beautiful

The truth is there are many different designs and color options for this type of flooring. You can choose from white oak, rustic wood, dark acacia and so much more. To see more engineered hardwood flooring options, click here.

One of the most stunning options is that of maple hardwood flooring. Maple is one of the most sought after wood floors available, and here are some of the things that make it extraordinary as engineered flooring:

  • Widely available (in large part because of how many different areas it is grown in)

  • Natural cream color

  • Handles staining beautifully (opening the door to a variety of rich coloring)

  • Strong and durable, holding a 1450 Janka Hardness rating

Whatever design you have imagined for your home improvement project, choosing maple hardwood flooring is a great decision. You will find durability, stability and of course a beautiful look that compliments the rest of the design. And your budget will be happy you’ve chosen wisely by using engineered wood flooring.

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