Finding a way Home Again


I can tell it’s spring because I get nostalgic for the fun I had running around on the family farm in my childhood.  During spring break, we would make the 90-minute drive from the big city to our grandparents farm.  There we would run through the fields, watch the cows come and go through the pasture and help plant seeds that would turn into corn stalks by the time we came back that summer.

Living in the city there’s no way to duplicate that experience, but I’ve found I can rekindle a lot of memories just by looking through a site like Tractor Supply.   And when I found out I can use a deal from the Groupon site to save money on a purchase, I got intrigued.  I’d long thought about raising a flock of chickens, but couldn’t bring my partner to agree.  After doing some research and presenting my findings to the family, we all decided to take a chance.  Fortunately, Tractor Supply had everything we needed online to get us started.  Soon we had all the chicken coops, feeders and feed we needed.

We had already tried gardening and found we could purchase seed, hay, soil and all the tools needed with Groupons and have them shipped to us.  And the shipping was free.

I have great memories of riding on my grandpas tractor that he purchased from Tractor Supply.  It was always fun to go with him to the supply store and hear the neighbors talk about the latest news.  I loved seeing the little chicks.  Buying the items I needed online was not as satisfying as going to the store itself, but one weekend, I located the store nearest us and drove over just for old time’s sake.  There I met a farmer who had some acreage nearby.  When I told him about the fun memories I had and how sorry I was I couldn’t duplicate them for my children, he handed me his card and invited me to follow him home.  The kids had so much fun that afternoon.  They rode on the tractor, dug post holes in the dirt, fed a calf and ran with wild abandon like I did years ago.


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