Four Tips for Turning Your Home into a Work of Art


It’s one thing to have a stylish space. It’s another thing altogether to live in a home that is a true work of art.

The only way to do that is to infuse your artistic style into every corner of your home.

Fortunately, it doesn’t mean you have to completely remodel every inch of your space! You can turn your home into a work of art one step at a time when you follow these tips.

Treat Your Windows like a Piece of Art

Creating a home that is a piece of art means looking at the most mundane things in new ways. Instead of thinking about your windows as windows, you have to think of them as pieces of artwork themselves.

That means choosing window treatments that go above and beyond the boring window treatments you see everywhere else.

Custom draperies in an eye-catching fabric are one way to do it, but you can also keep things simple by not hanging any window treatments at all. You can even use mini blinds, as long as you choose a surprising color, like red or black.

Steer Clear of Average Fixtures

Every home is full of fixtures. Most of them are very average and boring. If you want a home that’s a piece of art, you have to update your fixtures. For example:

  • Skip the boring chandelier and choose a greenhouse lamp or balloon lamps
  • Update your bookcase with a design that curves and spirals on the wall
  • Choose a ceiling fan with uniquely shaped blades

You can also get creative with things like the light switches and outlet covers, or you can consider painting the trim a unique color.

Choose Artwork Wisely

If you want your home to become a work of art, it makes sense that you should fill your home with artwork! But, what you choose matters.

Stay away from the artwork you can find at home decorating stores. Instead, scour estate sales, purchase sculptures, and be willing to spend a little extra on an original.

Don’t have a lot of money to spend on artwork? Consider creating your own! A piece of artwork that was genuinely created by hand, even if it was your hand, always looks better than buying mass produced artwork at the store.

Let Your Style Shine Through

Turning your home into a work of art doesn’t mean you have to follow a certain look. You can find your own interior design style when modifying your home.

Rustic details can look just as artistic as a black and white space, just as long as you choose the details in the space carefully. An artistic home is one where every detail is taken into account, no matter how those details are curated.

It doesn’t matter if you live in your own home or you rent. There are many ways to turn your living space into a work of art. Follow these tips and you’ll feel like you’re living in your very own art gallery!










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