Herringbone flooring – how to incorporate a timeless classic

Herringbone flooring

You have probably seen it before. Perhaps in old mansions where it was and still is central to creating an exclusive atmosphere that elevates every piece of furniture and makes everything look even more expensive than it already is. Or perhaps you have encountered it in Europe’s old castles and townhouses – it is, of course, the characteristic herringbone floors which ooze exclusivity and elegance on several continents. However, herringbone flooring is not solely reserved for old mansions and townhouses. You can just as easily include the distinctive pattern into your modern home without it looking out of place. Although herringbone floors date centuries back they are as modern as ever. It is a good way to elevate your home interior scheme and create something which is pleasant to the eye. But what makes herringbone flooring so different from other kinds of wooden flooring? Well, the materials are the exact same, however, the difference is in the way the floor is installed – the pattern in which the wooden planks are laid out.

The distinctive herringbone patterns

The wooden flooring planks are cut into rectangles way smaller than regular floorboards. Yet, with the herringbone pattern, the rectangles are staggered a bit so the side of one plank is met by the end of the other plank. This way of laying out the floorboards creates a triangle, and by doing these multiple times the herringbone pattern appears – and it actually looks very similar to the bones of a herring (hence the name). It can even be said to look like a half zig-zag pattern. It might sound a little ought, but the result is absolutely amazing.

Impressive durability

The striking pattern is so detailed and catches your attention straight away when you enter a room. But that is not all. The floor is also very durable and can last for decades and decades. Are you so unlucky that a floorboard breaks or a massive stain cannot come off? The floor can even be restored to its former perfection. Herringbone flooring has become a modern classic that merges the past with the present in perfect harmony. Be prepared to be blown away by the pretty floor which comes in so many different variants. The whole expression can alter just by changing the type of wood used for the planks.


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