How much will a new playground cost?


When it comes to either building on refurbishing a playground, the biggest question is about how much will it cost?

However, regardless of the budget the most important aspect is the safety of the playground users and that’s where the experience and the offering from a firm such as Soft Surfaces Ltd really comes into its own.

Most people will be aware that because play equipment has to be durable and well made, and also safe to use, that the budget for doing so will have to accommodate several large and often quite expensive pieces of equipment.

For many people, one of the saddest sights is to see a children’s playground with only one or two pieces of equipment on it because the budget didn’t extend to any more.

So once your budget for play equipment has been decided, it is imperative that the cost of making the play area safe is high on the costing process too.

The soft safety surface for a playground is vital

Soft Surfaces Ltdcan offer vital help in this process by offering a no obligation advice service because the implementation of playground safety is not as straightforward as many believe.

One of the most popular playground surfaces used to be tree bark but that’s no longer the case because people steal the surface to put in their gardens and animals use it as a litter tray. Those running the playground also have to replenish the bark on a regular basis.

However, using tree bark is still the cheapest option.

A more recent trend is to use a rubber mulch which can be laid loose like bark onto a playground surface or it can be bonded and used on a variety of surfaces including grass.

Depending on the location and playground surface, the best type of safety surface is wet pour. This has a very neat appearance and looks like Tarmac; though this is ‘Tarmac’ with more bounce!

There’s no doubt that wetpour is a rubber surface that is not only durable but adaptable too and can be installed directly onto concrete or, after some preparation, used on grass areas.

It’s this ability for playground surfaces to absorb shock that makes them so important to the users of playground who want a safe and enjoyable experience.

Use the experience and expertise of soft surface playground experts

In addition to the services mentioned previously, people costing the ground equipment and surfaces should also be looking at the potential of using plastic mats. These are plastic mats with holes in them to allow the grass to grow through so eventually people can’t see the mats but can see the more attractive grass; with the safety of the playground user still being intact.

It should be noted too that within each of these potential playground safety surfaces there are different varieties on offer to suit different budgets. For instance, Safety Services Ltd uses a rubber mulch which they call ‘Rhino-Mulch’.

This resin bound rubber is an impact absorbing safety surface which is ideal for areas needing a natural look.

Rubber mulch is a recycled material derived from shredded car tyres which is then coloured before being used on the play area.

A strong reason for using rubber mulch is that there is very little preparation needed before it is laid down. It’s also very good for using around the bases of trees for instance and in locations without good access for putting a safety surface down.

With so many playground safety surface solutions available, it is a good idea to speak with an expert to find out what the latest materials available are and which suit the budget allocated.

A safe surface will also will be long-lasting and attractive to help encourage youngsters and their families to utilise the playground equipment itself.

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