How to choose the perfect blinds and curtains for your room


The choices are seemingly endless when it comes to the kinds of blinds and curtains available in the market. However, the right blinds and curtains for your room is more than the looks of it. Back in the old days, curtains were just a functional addition to the house to block out the sun or add some privacy from the peering eyes of neighbors. Today however, they are meant to make a statement and a crucial element to your interior décor. So what are the things you should be checking off when curtain shopping?

  1. The color and fabric

The first thing to consider is the design element. The material you go on to choose will also dictate the functionality and durability of the investment. Too heavy curtains don’t fold well and too light ones will not fall well. It is also important to consider here that direct sunlight will always make the fabric fade over time. The thumb rule is to choose a lighter fabric for well lit rooms since darker ones face faster. Going with a neutral color like white or grey can be a middle way out but it is less likely that they will match the theme of your décor. This is where the quality of the material will come into play. Investing in a high quality material will save you frequent replacement while holding on to the aesthetics of the room.

  1. The lining and length

Before you bring home the blinds and curtains or order it online, it is important to do a bit of work with the measuring tape. It is up to you to decide how high the curtains will be placed. Experts suggest hanging the curtain panel higher than the window seal to give a sense of height, if you have a smaller room to decorate. Curtains that remain slightly puddle on the floor (extra long) offer a traditional look. Be sure to add some length to the blinds/curtains to ensure fullness, especially if the window gets a lot of wind.

  1. Kind of maintenance it needs

Some curtains will be washing machine friendly and some others can only be dry cleaned. Similarly, some blinds need regular dusting and some others are designed to dust off automatically. Whatever it is that you choose, be sure that you know the kind of maintenance it requires and that you would be comfortable with the same. A dirty window treatment doesn’t just look bad but also can be unhygienic.

  1. Off-the-shelf v/s customized

Customization is the preferred way of going about things but it can be expensive. Custom made blinds and curtains come in a range of materials, endless options in design, added functionalities and create a tailored look. However, you won’t have that kind of flexibility with off-the-shelf products, though you will enjoy a cheaper price tag.

  1. Where to buy from

Lastly, there are several different places you can hope to buy your blinds and curtains from. Check several online and offline stores before making your decision.

A good blinds and curtains is a long term investment and certainly bring about added advantages to your lifestyle. Don’t hurry with your decision!

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