How to Have a More Enjoyable Morning Bath


You might enjoy bathing during the weekends when you have nothing on your schedule, but not on a weekday morning. You can barely stay inside for ten minutes. You have to rush for work. You also have to consider other family members who need to bathe. It ruins your day even before it begins. These tips will help you enjoy your morning baths. 

Wake up early

The reason why you rush for work is that you wake up late. You bathe when everyone at home is also moving quickly to avoid being late. If you’re early and everyone else is still asleep, you can enjoy bathing. When you finished, you still have enough time to do other things, such as reading a newspaper or meditating.

Get enough sleep

If you didn’t get enough sleep, you would probably drag your heels to the bathroom. You start your day with a terrible mood, in it will affect the rest of your day. If you slept for at least eight hours, you would be in a good mood the moment you get up. It won’t be difficult for you to walk towards the bathroom and enjoy your bath.

Buy quality skincare products

When you have something to look forward to when you bathe, it will make you feel excited to go to the bathroom. Buying quality skincare products will put you in an excellent mood to bathe. It’s not only the relaxing experience of using these products that excites you, but also the potential results.

Install a steam shower

No one wants to bathe in the morning when it’s too cold. It’s even worse during winter when it’s freezing outside. When you have a steam shower, you can always adjust the temperature. You determine the perfect temperature to match your preference. Some people want it really hot while others prefer warm water. 

Turn your favourite song on

Find a song that puts you in a good mood right away. If you feel sleepy, hearing this song will awake and your spirit. Put that music on and turn the volume up. Hearing that song is already enough to get you through the day. 

Pretend that you’re not going to work

You force yourself to go to the bathroom to bathe because you need to go to work. The thought of doing a lot of tasks and facing people you don’t want to see what already ruin your morning. The best way to deal with this issue is to pretend that you’re not going to work. Think about going on an exciting trip for the day. You have several hours to deal with issues at work, and you can’t be in a terrible mood since the beginning.

Follow the steps and your morning baths will be different. You will feel more excited to go to the bathroom and even extend your bathing time. Create a routine so that you will always feel this way each time you get up and bathe.


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