How to update your living room on the cheap


Updating your home décor and your furniture, especially in your living room can be a costly decision. Couches, tv cabinets, end tables, lighting, rugs and even cushions nowadays can all cost an arm and a leg. Thankfully there are still ways to update your living space without it costing you a fortune or your sanity.


Update slowly

Updating slowly and over time allows you to be really choosy about the items you pick. This not only will cost you less money in the long run it will also help you achieve the perfect look for your space as you’ll be picking items that are not only on sale or made more cheaply, they’ll also be perfect for your space because you’ve spent the time thinking about what you really need and want for your living room design. It will also help you not to buy on a whim, instead carefully considering every item before purchasing. This will help you to really enjoy and fall in love with the pieces in your home, they’ll be more special to you and you won’t just be purchasing for that feeling of instant gratification.


Update your décor

Another way to update your living room on the cheap is to simply just update your décor and living room accessories rather than buying new furniture pieces. By updating your décor and selling off your old, or putting it in storage for later use can really liven up your space. You don’t need to go all out to make an old space feel new again. Breathe fresh life into your room by updating your couch cushions, buying a new rug, placing some flowers or new pot plants in the room. This will keep the room cheery and with décor you can go as bold and whimsical as you like without having to update every single piece in the room.

Change it up

Instead of purchasing new items, if you want to update your living space as cheaply and efficiently as possible, you don’t even need to spend a penny. You can make your room feel new again by rearranging the furniture. Practice fengshui in the living spaces of your home and right throughout to make your home feel more airy and bring back a new life and energy into your house. This should give you the update you need without actually having to spend a fortune to do so.

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Buy second-hand

If you really need an update and the other tips in the list just won’t cut it for your drab old space then you can still redecorate on the cheap by purchasing new furniture pieces second-hand and spend even less on your home by selling off your old pieces that no longer work in your space. Even just buying one or two new pieces like a lounge suite or a few new décor items or tv cabinet can dramatically change and lift your living space and make it seem new again.

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