Moving House Happily


It is a cliché, though no less accurate for it, that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. It means worries about money, dealing with estate agents, landlords and other tenants, as well as relationship stretching wrangling with the people you’re moving with.

All the time, hanging over your head, is the worry that if you can’t find somewhere new to live and successfully move there in time, you’ll find yourself homeless!

We’re presenting a short guide to cutting out the stress and moving house happily.

Take off the Pressure

The first thing to do is to relieve the pressure you feel when you the spectre of moving begins to loom over you.

Look into storage companies, and put the word out to your friends to see who might be able to put you up for a bit. That means you have somewhere safe to lodge your possessions if the worst happens and you can’t find somewhere permanent to live in time, and you have somewhere safe to stay as well! Try byStored, a London storage company who collect your items for you, so you don’t have to worry about delivering them into storage yourself.

This means that suddenly the ticking clock is not ticking so loudly and you have the mental space to take a breath and relax a little, which will help you make better decisions.


With your housemates, partner, estate agents and everyone involved in the process. Assuming everyone is up to speed and knows what they’re doing is vital not just for a successful move but also to avoid stress and resentment building up – if you’re moving with friends, everyone should have a job to do and catching up regularly to make sure everyone’s up to date and not feeling swamped is key to making sure it all gets done.


Don’t go into this without a plan. Get a physical wall planner and pin it somewhere everyone involved has access. You can mark off key dates here, and assign jobs. This doesn’t just share the load, it means everyone can see tasks are being assigned fairly and evenly, and avoid people feeling like they are the one doing all the work.

This also ensures key deadlines are made: as it is very publicly visible when, for example, utility companies need to be informed of your change of address, it exerts a subtle pressure for the person whose job it is to get that job done.

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