Products To Use In Your Tiny Home


Tiny homes are a trending housing movement that strives to create a comfortable living space with minimal square footage. Most tiny home are between 100 and 400 square feet. Compare this to conventional homes which averaged 2,598 square feet in 2013, and you can see why tiny homes require quite a bit of creativity to redefine American living.

If you’re interested in scaling down and trying a tiny home yourself, these smart products can help you make the most of your small space.

Folding Furniture

Image via Flickr by Associated Fabrication

Folding furniture is a smart choice in a tiny home because it allows you to pull down a table, desk, or Murphy bed when you need it, then fold it back up to the wall when you don’t. Multipurpose spaces are an important hallmark of these mini houses. A living area can transform to an office when you fold a desk down from the wall. A dining space can turn into to a sleeping area. Furniture that folds gives you maximum versatility.

Multipurpose Storage

Smart storage is crucial in a tiny home. Look for storage solutions that serve multiple purposes. A dining bench may open up to hold cookware. A hollow ottoman can store toys, books, or blankets. Drawers tucked beneath a small platform bed can stash clothing in place of a traditional closet. When you’re building a tiny home, it’s important to find storage places anywhere you can.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Tiny homes simply don’t have the space for extensive ductwork. This doesn’t mean that you have to submit to a sweltering space, though. Ductless air conditioning is an efficient solution. Using just an outdoor air compressor and indoor cooling unit, you can enjoy all the comforts of an air conditioner without the ducts that you’ll find in traditional systems.

Compostable Toilets

Compostable toilets are an eco-friendly alternative that fit the tiny home lifestyle well. These toilets are small, portable, and self-contained. There are several different types of compostable toilets to choose from, ranging from simple units where you remove all the waste yourself, to those that separate liquid and vent odors.

Retractable Dividers

Multipurpose rooms are standard in tiny homes. You may find that while you want your spaces to remain open during the day, you prefer to separate them into cozy personal areas at night. Retractable dividers solve this problem neatly.

You can use a retractable gate across the bottom portion of the room to keep pets contained, or opt for a whole wall divider for bedroom privacy as everyone sleeps. You can turn one room into two in seconds with this flexible feature. Fold the divider back into the wall or up to the ceiling when it’s not in use and you won’t even know it’s there.

Tiny home living isn’t for everyone, but these compact living quarters do open up a world of possibilities, from the opportunity to cart your house along on a trailer to the chance to live lighter on the earth. Equipped with creative space-saving solutions, you can make your tiny home into a comfortable and versatile living space.

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