Rental Property Improvement Tips to Attract Quality Tenants


There will never be a shortage of people wanting to rent a place to live. The issue for many landlords is finding the right people to occupy their apartments. They want to ensure that these tenants are responsible, timely when paying rent, and know how to take good care of the property. To find quality tenants, however, landlords must also offer quality living spaces. You can’t expect to attract the right people if your rental property is poorly-maintained and neglected. Showing potential tenants that you are a responsible landowner who maintains your property is a sure way to attract them to the place and show interest in living there. Hiring a valet trash service helps keep your property’s cleanliness and provides it with a pleasant and healthy environment.

Here are some tips on how to improve your rental property and make it attractive to quality tenants.

Give it a fresh coat of paint

Both the interior and exterior of your rental property will be even more appealing with a fresh coat of paint. The first thing people see is the exterior, and they can easily be turned off by faded or chipping-off paint that shows signs of neglect. The problem here is that their interest in checking out what is inside the property may fade. As for the interior, it is always best to paint each unit in neutral colors. This makes it much easier for tenants to move their furniture and other decors without worrying whether they complement the unit’s shades. It is good to repaint when a tenant moves out to provide a fresh look when a new tenant moves in.

Keep it secure

High-quality tenants will always want to be ensured that they live in safe surroundings. They have valuables that they want to protect. For obvious reasons, they are also concerned about their safety. Having deadbolts installed is an effective method of reassuring your tenants that they are protected from danger. Another amenity you can provide is an alarm system inside the home. The perimeter of the apartment building, its hallways, and stairways must be well-lit not only to discourage criminal activity but to keep accidents caused by poorly lit areas from occurring. Surveillance cameras are also a safety feature that can attract quality tenants to your property. This shows that you are a responsible landlord who takes security seriously and is concerned about your tenants’ safety.

Provide extra storage

Anyone would appreciate extra storage in their homes, and potential tenants will be happy to have more space to keep their belongings adequately stored. You could add wardrobes in the bedroom, extra shelves and cupboards in the kitchen, and storage space inside the bathroom for essentials. Storage makes residents feel more comfortable, giving them enough space to relax or entertain their guests.

Update kitchens and bathrooms

Interested tenants always take a good look at kitchens and bathrooms. These are areas of the home that are most often used, and they would want to see that they look appealing and functional. Replace old fixtures, apply a fresh coat of paint, and replace old flooring if necessary.

By making these improvements to your property, you are more likely to get quality tenants who will be willing to pay more for the comfort and security you provide.


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