Signs You Need Replacement Cushions for Your Wicker Furniture


There are some obvious signs of wear and tear on furniture cushions, and Wicker Paradise is here to offer the most common ways to tell it’s time for a replacement.

Anyone who wants to enjoy their beautiful wicker furniture must make sure to have soft but durable cushions on the seats. Occasionally, someone needs to find replacement cushions for their wicker couches or chairs. It is easy to tell when the cushions on wicker furniture require replacement because the covers become frayed. When the seams of the cushions begin to rip, the foam material may leak from the pillows. Sitting on a cushion that is losing foam is uncomfortable, and it is time to buy new cushions.

Get Rid of the Faded Cushions

The cushions that someone buys for a wicker sofa are covered with material that resists fading in bright sunlight. However, if a homeowner notices that the cushions on their wicker furniture are beginning to discolor, then buying new ones can improve the appearance of the furniture. It is possible to find attractive new cushions for the wicker furniture that is on a home’s deck or inside a gazebo.

Replace the Flat Cushions

Wicker chairs are comfortable to sit on when the items have thick cushions, but the woven wicker is not designed for sitting on because it is not a soft surface. When someone is sitting on a piece of wicker furniture, the sharp ends of the twigs should not poke into their legs. If anyone feels a poke from the wicker materials of a chair or bench, then this is a sign that a homeowner needs to buy new cushions.

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