Simple Tools to Keep Around the House


There are times when you need a certain tool handy in your household at a moment’s notice. You don’t want to have to go searching for it in the garage as you will only use it for a mere few seconds. This is why you should designate a certain drawer in your house as the “Go To” drawer for these tools. Listed below are a few ideas for these items to be stored in that magical drawer.

Box Cutter

How often do you get packages delivered to you weekly? With online shopping becoming much more popular than retail shopping lately, there is a good chance you get four or five packages a week through your mail. But it stops being fun when you can’t open those boxes so easily. This is why if you need a high-quality safety cutter, simply add it to your drawer so you have immediate access to it.


Keeping a flashlight in that drawer should seem like a no-brainer. However, don’t stop there. Also have a backup supply of batteries for that flashlight as well. After all, that flashlight will probably not get a lot of action, so the last thing you want is for it to not work as you reach for it in the dark.


It’s a good idea to have a few hammers available in your household. A hammer is something that you will always have a need for. It can help you hang pictures or beat off an intruder. In any case, keep one in that drawer with a few nails and tacks.


Whenever you need a screwdriver, it is usually just for a minute or so as you need to tighten up some loose screws here and there. Instead of having to go into your garage to find one, keep a couple small ones available in your new favorite storage space. Just be sure to put them back in when you are finished.

Tape Measure

Sometimes we all get carried away as we watch those home improvement shows. Before you know it, you are running around the house moving things here and there and coming up with ideas on how to build a new table. Try to keep your excitement under control first and do some measuring to see if things will actually work. Keep a tape measure in your drawer for this purpose.

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