Some Essential Facts about Walk in Showers You should Keep in Mind


You may already know that walk in showers offer greater flexibility and comfort in the bathroom, since they are easy to maintain (there is less surface area to clean up and no moving parts that can lead to dirt and grime buildup) and they increase the safety and efficiency of the bathroom as well. But there may be some other facts about walk in showers that you didn’t know about. Before you have a walk in shower installed in your bathroom, here are some essential facts about walk in showers you should keep in mind.

Your base options

You will have different options when it comes to the base of the walk in shower. You have the option of simply tiling the base and making sure the flooring and drainage are especially-designed for the water to drain properly, but another option is to have a shower tray or pan installed. Bases for the shower can also have different levels, from zero to up to approximately 4 inches (2.5 centimetres), depending on your preference and your concern for the safety of the users. You can also just opt for pre-made walk in showers, which may already come with the base and screens, be it a single glass screen, two glass panels or screens, or more.

Where to place the showerhead?

If you have decided to have a custom-built walk in shower, keep in mind that the placement of the showerhead is of prime importance. The spray of water from the showerhead should not splash onto the other fixtures or fittings in your bathroom, especially when it comes to the lighting. You should closely consider the radius of the showerhead’s spray so that it doesn’t spray onto the other fittings. For this, you may want to opt for a showerhead mounted on the ceiling, or an adjustable shower which is hand-held. If your showerhead is installed on the wall, however, then you can just choose to have two or three shower screens to protect your bathroom’s fittings.

The accessories

When having a walk in shower enclosure installed, you should also think about accessories. This would include niches or shelving for shampoos, soaps, and other toiletries, as well as grab bars and even shower seats. Make sure the accessories you choose are at a good height and easily accessible to the shower enclosure’s users, especially if the individuals using the walk in shower have special requirements or needs.

When it comes to having a comfortable, practical, efficient, and spotless shower area, walk in shower enclosures are a great alternative to standard or traditional showers. They are not only practical and efficient, however – they can even make your bathroom appear larger than it really is since they are seamless and frameless, giving your bathroom a barrier-free, airier, and brighter look and feel.

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