The Art Of Decluttering


It’s that time of year when we feel the need to start anew, to declutter our homes and organise our lives. It’s incredible how much this changes the way in which we think, how we are motivated and how we can reorganise our lives to help towards a prosperous year ahead.

I thought it would be perfect this month to put together a few tips and ideas on how to get yourself organised this year. De-cluttering successfully takes time, patience and most importantly the ability to adopt a ruthless mentality as it can be somewhat overwhelming. So let’s get started whether it be a drawer, cupboard or entire room.

Decide on what to de-clutter

Identify the space in which you want to tackle. If you have a cluttered space, then start small with drawers or a cupboard. You will then begin to see the progression, and your momentum will build. If not a complete mess, then de-clutter the whole room. Set yourself a time deadline and work at a speed to suit you. I use my spare room as a bit of a dumping ground from time to time with the shopping bags, paperwork, washing and ironing piles. All of this clutter becomes unmanageable as it builds up.

Assess the space in need of de-cluttering

You need to know what clutter is before you start to de-clutter and assessing the scope in a room is crucial. Ask yourself “do you need to organise the space as well?” In my case, most definitely! Everything needs to find a home but stick to the de-cluttering for now, or else this will take longer than just a day.

Free up your working space

The fact is that when you de-clutter, you should make less clutter. In most cases, it does have to get to a lousy point before it gets any better so make things easy by finding a workspace. Great spaces to use are either an adjacent room, dining table, sheet on the floor or bed.

Get your de-cluttering tools at the ready

You don’t need that much to de-clutter. The only things you will require are bin bags, boxes or baskets, which can come in handy when you begin to sort through the clutter. I suggest getting some post-it notes, which will act as your category labels and a marker pen. Example categories to use are words such as keep, mend, recycle, rubbish, shred, sell and different room. The next step will be to give each category space within your working area so that you can glance and see what’s what. The trick is to make life as easy as possible for yourself. I feel it is always best to use black bin liners for when getting rid of rubbish so that you don’t change your mind and once it’s in the rubbish bag, it will stay there for good.

Mark the territory

Avoid starting to de-clutter randomly as you will end up confused. A great way to do this is to mark out a 3×3 grid in your first room, numbered in segments one to nine, working your way through each section so that you can make sure that the area is cleared, working your way out of the room. Again, you can use post it’s for the segments.

Time to de-clutter

As you go through each segment, one major tip is to avoid using a ‘maybe’ category. If you want to go down this route, then the best thing to do is to seal up a box containing the items and review in 6 months. If you haven’t had any need for the items in this time, then you can throw out the box while it remains sealed.

The ‘Keep it’ Category

If your keeping your items, then ask yourself, “Is it in the right room?”, If no put the item in the ‘different room’ category. The second question to ask is, “does the item need anything doing to it?”, If so put this item into the ‘mend’ category. If none of these questions relates to the item, then continue to leave this in the ‘Keep’ category.

Get rid of the clutter

Now you must ask yourself, “is the item in good condition?”, If so then add it into its most preferable category including,‘sell, charity or recycle’. If none of these categories relates to the item, then move the item to ‘rubbish’.

De-cluttering can be boring, so turn on some music, or play some Netbet slot games before starting. The casino games will ensure that you have a little excitement before becoming efficient in your de-cluttering.

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