The Safety Equipment You Should Invest in If You’re Working at Height at Home


Safety should be your number one priority no matter what job you’re undertaking at home when it comes to working at height. If you’re conducting exterior or interior work, safety equipment could well be the difference in preventing a fall that could cause a severe injury or even death. If you regularly undertake your own projects at home from height, consider investing in the following products that will help keep you safer.


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Standard PPE

Although Personal Protective Equipment isn’t necessarily going to help you if you fall from height, it could still prevent you from falling in the first place – it’s truly the difference in being able to prevent injury. The right footwear and grip are important when working at height, and protective glasses and gloves could prevent a minor injury – which can often prevent a fall. Invest in comfortable PPE and you will have fought half of the battle when it comes to working safely at home.

Robust Ladders & Platforms

Ladders and other working from height platforms may well be expensive for small jobs, but they are a lifelong investment that could help with many projects in the future. Consider purchasing a robust ladder and a variety of platforms to help you undertake working at height projects. The right ladder is important to the grip on the floor and it could be the difference in preventing a slip. You may also want to consider ladder attachments and the like to ensure the ladder is stabilized before climbing to undertake any work.

Lanyards & Harnesses

While not many homeowners own such items, lanyards and harnesses could prove to be an excellent investment when it comes to safety. Whether you’re looking to cut branches from a tree at height or you’re just cleaning your gutters, lanyards and harnesses will help keep you safe. When it comes to choosing a safety lanyard, always make sure it’s from a reputable supplier just so you know it’s going to provide optimum safety. There are many suppliers out there who aren’t official and often sell fake products.


Again, accessories such as toolbelts may not help prevent an injury, but they could help keep your tools organized when working at height, and being well-organized is always key to prevent a fall from happening in the first place. Invest in the best lightweight belts that will help keep your hammer and other tools in the right places so that they aren’t going to obstruct you from climbing or descending.

The above are just some of the many tools available that could help prevent you from falling. It’s nice to be able to get the gutters clean or the high branches cut to make the exterior of your home look tidy. However, it’s even nicer to be able to walk away from a simple job unscathed. Consider your safety in the first instance before undertaking any work at home from height and invest in the right tools even though it can be costly.

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