The Top Trends You should Know about when Planning a Bathroom Remodel


Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? Great idea – not only will it allow you to update this all-important room with the newest technology and styles, it’s also an investment that will raise the value of your home. Remodeling, however, can be a daunting task. It’s not always easy to choose between different features, and a lot of practical considerations have to be made. Staying on top of the situation is much easier if you understand what new innovations are available and what’s new out there. Here are the top trends you should know about when planning a bathroom remodel.

The walk-in shower with bench seating

Walk-in shower enclosures have become very popular in bathrooms, simply because they are very convenient and come with many benefits. An extra luxury: have bench seating installed in your walk in shower. It’s a nice touch for those who wish to install a steam shower and give extra relaxation – especially to the elderly or those will limited abilities.

The trench shower drain

The trench shower drain is a must for those showers without an entry curb. These trench drains allow people of all walks of life to take a shower – they’re ADA-compliant for people in wheel chairs or with walkers. They’re both sleek and discreet, offering many design options.

The control panel

Have you ever considered walking into a shower that has started running just before you enter it – and this gives you the perfect water temperature according to your specifications? It’s a customised shower, thanks to the control panel that allows you to programme the shower according to starting time, temperature, and water pressure.

Go with curves

If you like your bath to be larger than the standard size, the curved bath is your solution: thanks to the curvature, the bath becomes about 15 centimetres larger in the middle where the curvature is at its peak. And curves are in now – they provide style and a sleek, elegant look.

The hands-off experience

You have probably seen them in restaurants and hotels – but you can have them in your own home, too. Touch-less faucets and soap dispensers are activated with your hands without ever touching them. They are cleaner, waste less water, and are perfect for children and the elderly.

These are just some of the top trends that shape the modern bathroom – there are many others and there will inevitably be many more innovations to come in the future. Bathing is no longer a practical necessity – it has become a way of enjoying and experiencing private luxury. Before deciding on what to install in the bathroom, look around carefully and see what’s new. You’d be surprised at how much seemingly simple comforts can raise your quality of life.

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